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Musicals as Vines

Hamilton: i never get no sleep cuz of yall, yall never gonna sleep cuz of me

Book of Mormon: welcome to bible study

Matilda: theres only one thing worse than a rapist… A CHILD

Beauty and the Beast: i dont need a degree to be a clothing hanger

Falsettos: I love you, b*tch

Fun Home: I’m a lesbian. I thought you were American.

Anastasia: Nah they usually tell me i look like Shalissa

Wicked: And they were roommates


Mean Girls: Its wednesday my dudes

Great Comet: Two shots of vodka

Spongebob: Squidward dabbing

Phantom of the Opera: AA, AAA, AAAA

In the heights: Well when life gives you lemons

Legally blonde: I spilt lipstick in your Valentino white bag

Newsies: Back at it again at Krispy Kreme *flips*

Amelie: STOPPPP i couldve dropped my CROISSANT

Heathers: Im a bad b*tch you cant kill me

Pippin: Is this allowed? Is that allowed????

Be more chill: *pours every soda drink into cup* F*ck you

Bonnie and Clyde: I wanna be a cowboy, baby

Dear Evan Hansen: two bros chillin in a hot tub, 5 feet apart cuz they’re not gay

Bonus DEH: What up im jared im 19 and i never learned how to f*ckin read

broadway boots on youtube!

bootlegs can be hard to find on youtube because of the weird, copyright-avoiding titles, so here’s a list of all the ones i’ve found:

please send in any links you have to my ask, thank you!


amelie (i think obc) (rly high quality) EDIT: this is apparently from the LA run of the show, sorry for any confusion! thanks @musicalfucker and @themeddlinggirl for letting me know!


the book of mormon (obc with andrew rannells) (not the best quality but i guess we’re not paying for it)

the book of mormon (nic rouleau)


cabaret (2014) (alan cumming, emma stone)

catch me if you can (obc, with aaron tveit) (show starts at 1:20. slightly shakyfor the first two minutes and a slightly obstructed view for part of the show)

charlie and the chocolate factory (jake ryan flynn as charlie) (show starts at 2:56)


dear evan hansen (thanks to @kinda-rad-i-guess for adding this!)



falsettos (2016 revival) (proshot) (reuploaded)

falsettos (1993 LA cast) (low quality because it was recorded in 1993 lol)


groundhog day


hairspray (andy randy as link)

heathers (original off-broadway cast) (understudy as heather c)

hedwig and the angry inch (andy randy)

hedwig and the angry inch (andy randy v2) (obstructed view)

hedwig and the angry inch (darren criss) (really really clear view? like it’s slightly weird how amazing the view is?)

hedwig and the angry inch (neil patrick harris)


into the woods (obc) (understudy as snow white) (thanks @albanian-asshole!)


jersey boys (andy randy) (some parts of the show missing)



legally blonde (mtv recording) (obc)

legally blonde (off-broadway previews) (christian borle, laura bell bundy)

legally blonde (last obc show)

les miserables (2014 cast) (vimeo) (vid quality isn’t great but audio is a+)


miss saigon (obc) (act one) (act two) (thanks @thechaiyac!)

miss saigon (lea salonga as kim) (not great quality)


natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812 (not sure what cast, i’m not a huge fan of this show)

newsies (obc)

next to normal (obc) (trigger warning, if you’re triggered by suicide, self-harm and mentions of mental illness i would consider reading the synopsis before watching)



pokemon live! (yup) (with andrew rannells) (not amazing vid quality)




she loves me (pbs recording)

something rotten (mainly obc w/ rob mcclure as nick bottom)

something rotten act 1 act 2 (obc w/ brian d’arcy james) 

spongebob (it’s in 5 parts so it’s in a playlist)

spring awakening (deaf west)

spring awakening (obc)

spring awakening (1st national tour)





waitress (betsy wolfe as jenna)





i’ll update this as much as i can, but check out my youtube playlist for more frequent updates :)

Broadway execs: hmm I wonder how we can get more people excited about theatre

Literally everyone who is excited about theatre: make theatre accessible to people who don’t live in New York and can’t afford going to the theatre

Broadway execs: fear not!! We have the solution!!

$1000 for Hamilton in the nosebleed section

proof that musical theater is actually one big game of Sims
  • lots of nonsense syllables
  • exaggerated gestures and emotional states
  • everyone only has one outfit (+ one formal outfit)
  • everyday tasks take an unrealistic amount of time 
  • the walls cut away so that you can see inside houses
  • but you can’t see off your current lot; when you want to go to a different setting, it takes time and cheery transitional music will play
  • people fall madly in love within five minutes
  • children sometimes look nothing like their siblings or parents (The Sims 1)
  • people talk to themselves
  • really messed up families 
  • nobody visibly ages, but people suddenly reappear at a whole different lifestage and look drastically different
  • people die or give birth at super inconvenient times
  • the exact same group of background people keeps showing up in different locations

Musicals described as 3 things

Wicked: Green, magic, flying monkeys

Phantom of the Opera: Depressed singing, intense singing, threatening singing

Be More Chill: Drugs better than drugs, video games, Mountain Dew

Matilda: Angry kids, scooters, too much cake

Hamilton: Fighting Frenchmen, unsatisfaction, mother f—-ing democratic republicans

Anastasia: Music box, trains, Paris

Come From Away: Planes, The Cod™, tears

Something Rotten: Shakespeare’s sass, dancing eggs, a MUsiCaL

Great Comet: Drinking, dancing, Vodka

Amelie: Garden gnome, photo booth, 3 figs (and Lucien)

Heathers: Teen angst, murder/suicide, candy stores

Falsettos: HOMOSEXUALS, 4 Jews, Bar Mitzvah

Dear Evan Hansen: Lies, letters, trees

Spongebob: Optimism, the end of the world, CLARINET SOLOOOOO

Newsies: Papes, dancing newsboys, Race’s cigar