The Sims 4 Create A Sim ; Happy Anniversary The Black Simmer 

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I did a comparison so you can see how little editing I actually do - a huge chunk of the credit goes to Reshade, namely @pictureamoebae’s Height of Summer profile. (Just as an FYI: I’m using an unreleased updated version of it, but it’s not that far off from the one they have available on their blog.) Another big portion of the credit goes to @brntwaffles and their Astral Lights mod, which I have installed for all of my worlds, including Forgotten Hollow (though I don’t remember if I did Auroras or No Auroras for this one). I really like the combination of the two!

For editing, all I did was very slightly sharpen, brighten, saturate, and add in a bit of blue (since I actually like a slight blue tint better than yellow, just a personal preference). Then I resize to 1080 x 608, and that’s it.

Just as a sidenote, when you see my pics with the really deep shadows like this other one of the farmhouse, that’s a setting of Reshade/Height of Summer that you can turn off/on (you can change Reshade settings while the game is running, which is really cool, since you change it to something more graphics-intensive for just a few snapshots and then change back without having to reboot the game). That one is the Ambient Occlusion setting. And when you see more of a dreamy, fuzzy feel to the pic, as you see here, that’s the Ambient Lighting setting, and it’s one of my favorites - I’ve been using it a lot lately for my Kingswood 1983 pics.

I honestly don’t know much about picture editing, which is why I rely so much on lighting mods to make my game look pretty. Another huge advantage is that my game looks nice while I’m actually playing it, not just afterwards when I edit! And Height of Summer and Astral Lights aren’t mods you put in your Mods folder (they are installed differently), so I can build and upload in my CC-free save and not have to worry about taking them out. I can’t say enough about how awesome they are and how grateful I am to people like pictureamoebae and brntwaffles for making my game so lovely. <3

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Please, oh please i beg you do this one thing. Go use tray importer to select all the cc files used for her and screenshot it oh how i would die for her to be in my game. :( It takes a year and a day in hell to find it all through your cc blog..

lalright, let’s see. 

skin / haireyebrows / eyes / nose mask / freckles / nose ring / ‘gauges’ (base game) / eyelashes / blush / lipstick / eyebags / sweater / shorts / shoes / nails 


thank you to all the CC Creators 

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Favorite cc?

oo this is perfect bc i plan to do a ts4 cc favs video next saturday so this’ll just make it easier on me.

skin by @dinosaursandthesquirrels

eyes (non-default) by @aveirasims 

nose masks by @brntwaffles 

hair #1 by @sim-tastic

hair #2 by @banana-sims 

hair #3 by @butterscotchsims 

tattoo #1 & tattoo #2 by @valhallansim

eyebrows by @early-grape 

eyeliner by @comfysim 

blush #1 by @pixelsimdreams 

blush #2 by @cupidjuice

lips by @nolan-sims 

shirt by @vividlore 

jeans #1 by @bonehlda

shorts by @bonehlda 

jeans #2 by @cupidjuice 

shoes #1 by @cupidjuice 

shoes #2 by @kedluu 

shoes #3 by @pxelbox 

nose rings by @johnnyzest 

i highly suggest everything i this list bc it’s super amazing & everything o this list makes me so happy!!


thank you to 

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The Sims 4 Cas ; Lioness Sim&NEW CC FINDS+FULL LIST  

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