A few more rarely seen photographs of Brian Thomas Britton who murdered 3 family members and injured 1 in 1989.  
Britton was obsessed with the film “Rambo”, guns, and the military.  
His surviving victim, his older sister, is adamantly against his parole.  Britton is up for parole November 2017.  His older sister fears that upon his release he will attempt to finish what he started.  Last time Britton was up for parole, the parole board found he lacked remorse.

Hello! After months of dealing with the stress of school and such, both creators are finally free to produce once more! However, since Space Log’s hiatus begun, some of our voice actors have been unable to return in their roles, so therefore we are posting this casting call! 

For anyone who does not know, Space Log is a monthly podcast that centers around the crew of the S.S. Valiant, sent out in hopes of finding and establishing diplomatic bonds with extraterrestrial life! More specifically, the show centers around a spaceship engineer named Isaac, his assistant Delores, and his mental health robot KITT.

Me and my significant other, Michael, began this project this time last year, and while it started out with very choppy audio, it does have amazing potential, and a small, but equally amazing fanbase - and this is why we are rebooting! If you are interested, information is under the cut!

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