Brittney Lee


My Drawing for Sequential Art professor likes to highlight artists who are well-known in their fields but tend to be unknown by the general public.

BRITTNEY LEE is a visual development artist at Disney and has worked on Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen. She does amazing cut-paper illustrations. She also illustrated A Sister More Like Me, the Frozen picture book.


Elsa hairstyle and Snow Queen dress variants by Brittney Lee.

* Note how in an earlier design (second from bottom), the Snow Queen dress was a Regency gown much more like the one Elsa’s mother wore. The final version has the slit skirt, which is an expression of her refusal to be hemmed in by the expectations of society. Not only would it have been hugely scandalous at that time, but (more important) it allowed her to use her powers freely. When she created the ice palace on North Mountain, she had to pull her skirts out of the way. But not in this dress.