Wags and Kisses (A DogPark!Brittana One Shot in 3 Parts)

Part Three! The Conclusion (Read the whole thing on FFF.net if you like)

The dog park was pretty empty when Santana arrived. There was an elderly couple with a schnauzer that looked as old as they did. Santana sat on a bench and Dolly lay at her feet, gazing up every so often with a forlorn look in her eye.

Santana leaned down to pet her. “Missing your friend, huh? Me too, girl.”

The minutes stretched on and before long the sun that had been sitting already low in the sky settled under the horizon, and the streetlights announced the hour had grown late. The elderly couple had long since made their retreat, and the only thing keeping Santana and Dolly company were the sounds of the wind blowing gently through the trees, and the distant sound of kids laughing and roughhousing as they made their way home.

Santana stood, stretching for a bit, and looked around sadly.

“I guess we missed her this time. “

Dolly gave a little grunt in return, but was on her feet quickly and headed towards the gate. Santana followed a bit more reluctantly, and they were a few blocks away when her phone rang. Santana pulled it out of her pocket, grimacing slightly at the Unknown Number that flashed back at her.


There was a moment of silence and Santana wasn’t sure if anyone was going to answer, but then there was a voice on the other side.


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both! hall of fame and your favorites


Hall of Fame:

Inter Nos by ethnewinter (Shizuru x Natsuki) : Hands down, the best fan fiction I’ve ever read in my life. 1 million words of the most epic, well researched Ancient Roman world-build to grace any fan fiction platform. Even if you don’t like the ship, I would encourage you give it a try. It’s just so well written. WARNING: The second arc is incomplete. 

Homecoming by harukaze (Haruka x Michiru) : One of the only first-person fics I love, this is vintage emotions. I think I cried at multiple points here, but it’s so good. 

Clockwork by Gorshenin (Brittany x Santana) : Gorshenin is a beautifully honest writer in how they approach this story, and it’s so nice to see real problems with characters true to canon who fail, and are charmingly redeemable. Except for Artie. F that guy. Also recommended: I Need a Medic

They Bring Me Back by wherehopelies (Brittany x Santana) : The bartender AU with the most delightful version of Santana I’ve seen yet. Five stars. 

Leave the Lights On by pleasanthell (Brittany x Santana) : Splendid. Made me fall in love with the domesticity genre. I’ve read it probably 9 full times, and will continue to do so. 

a hand to hold onto by onemilliongoldstars (Clarke x Lexa) : The mess of domestic love that I wished to update into eternity. The best Christmas present of 2017. 

although i’m not making plans (i hope you understand there’s a reason why) by brokendevil (Clarke x Lexa) : A great one-shot. I love the amount of emotion packed into this. 

enchanted. by lordvoldyfarts (Clarke x Lexa) : Harry Potter AU done very, very well. It’s as whimsical as the actual books, with the beautiful themes we all know, love, and angst over. 

tick, tock, goes the clock by artsypolarbear (Clarke x Lexa) : The best D/S fic I’ve ever read. And that’s saying a fair amount, embarrassingly enough. 

shitty girlfriend AU by swapcats (Mikasa x Annie) : Two stories in the series that one could hypothetically knock out fairly quickly. But I’d highly recommend savoring them. Perfect characterization. 

You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess is Mine) by wherehopelies (Beca x Chloe) : 31K words of fake dating done right. Incredibly endearing and makes sense in all the right ways. Two thumbs up. 

I’m actually going to end it there, as I’ve got to run. But I hope you enjoy these! They’re near and dear to my heart. 

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I love how your account name is god bless the fandom because you legit bless the Brittana fan so you’re like one of the s Brittana gods 🙌

My therapist will tell you that I am really bad at taking compliments, but I wanted to respond to this in an open honest way that isn’t just me plugging my fingers in my ears and shouting, “La La La.” 

When I tell you that the Brittana fandom saved my life, I am not exaggerating, I am not blowing things out of proportion, I am not making a grand statement. I am stating a fact. The fandom brought me to a place where even at my lowest points, I still felt like there was some forward momentum. I continue to fight the battle every day, but I exist in this moment, right now, because of this fandom. 

I don’t think of myself as an important part of this fandom just because there really are giants who came before me, and touched a lot of people (myself included). People who have written some of the best writing I’ve ever read, people who have created art, spoken up and just generally been there. I didn’t come in until late in the fandom, but I know these folks are still around. Some have moved to other fandoms (which is ok!), some have gotten out of fandom life altogether, but I sit on their shoulders. 

I don’t mean to make this a whole thing, but I do want to thank you, Nonny for your kind words, and (not for the last time, I’m sure), stress how much you and all of the Brittana fandom mean to me. Thank you so much for reading my stupid Tumblr and just generally being an awesome person! 


So my brother(27) and uncle(30) are these two misogynist dudes and a little homophobic with two EXTREMELY hot girlfriends. My brothers girlfriend is bisexual. One time all five of us went to eat and somehow the conversation came out that would they rather their girlfriends cheat on them with a girl or a boy. My brothers and uncle easily said girls cause they wouldn’t mind and it’d be kinda hot. Anyways a few months go by and I find out they are no longer dating the girls. I asked what happened and they said nothing but both look pissed! I was kinda glad cause the girls were so nice and my uncle and bro are assholes who sometimes cheat(They are the worst!). So the other day I went back to Mexico(This is were my brother and uncle live) to visit my family and I saw the girls. When I went to say hi they were a little awkward but after I told them I was a little glad they left the guys they were more friendlier. Basically they told me that they fell for each other and have been dating since they broke up with my bro and uncle. One even said she was a lesbian but was too scared to come until she met the other(bi) girl. They met through my uncle and brother.


Girls, if you want to see a beautiful, sweet, cute and lovely story where nobody dies, check this lesbian short film (less than 9 minutes). I REALLY recommend this. You won’t regret it… Trust me. You’ll feel better after this

Being Gay But Not Being Out Yet

watching a show with my parents and a gay scene comes on.

Me: *excessively talking over the scene so my parents think I’m completely fine and not enjoying it at all*

You’re not a real lesbian if

you never watched a 3 hour-length video on YouTube called “ Every *gayshipname* scene of *ShittyTVShowName*”.