“It’s getting harder to find time for date night. That’s the difficult part, the scheduling. Luckily we’ve had Teen Wolf for the last three years keeping him in LA, so there’s always been that time to spend together. But for the most part, we’re off doing different movies all the time, so to try and find the time for each other is really challenging. But it wouldn’t work if we didn’t want to be together, so we find the time. We make it work.”


• not one but TWO female action heroes
• main character looks like a real girl (Casey doesn’t look flawless, she dresses like a teenager in actual clothes that someone might actually wear, isn’t sexualized at all)
• there is absolutely no mention of a love interest for Casey
• …. let me say that again - NO LOVE INTEREST. she doesn’t get distracted love… (not that she cannot like someone + love space, but she isn’t reduced to just a girl in love) she just does some really badass science and saves the world.
• so many kick ass examples of strong women in STEM!!!
• pretty good representation of poc and woc… i’m looking at you, female astronaut in the dream sequence