It’s just a light rust film…

Land Rover Especial by Santana (1956–1983), spotted on Ibiza. It was not until the end of the 1950s that Spanish autarkism – under the regime of Franco the first licensed Landys were manufactured in Linares without any parts from the British main factory, but they equalled the English models to almost 99% – was replaced by economic liberalism, which did not rule out the fact that original Perkins engines were already installed in Spanish Land Rover models before. A 4.3 litre (pic 6) would have been a nice addition, but the Series IIIa 109" Santana 6-cylinder Especial (since 1979) wasn’t so bad either.

I dedicate this one to my man Grelicks, who has been dreaming of an aged Landy since 1989.