you are inky obsidian, sharp-edged and shining
sewing jagged secrets into jagged scars
under your skin.
you are fire-forged fury.

you are the gleam of dragons’ scales as they fight
high in the hidden hills where you are sleeping
and dance to the druids’ drums when
they are looking away from this world.

you are the summer solstice sun, burning bright
over the homes and halls of your ancestors and descendants
and as the year turns to winter you too will shift
like the leaves - from green to brown to bare bone
you are the desperate cry of the prince’s old tongue
as he hurls himself towards glory and gaping wounds
and the shadows on the hillsides roar with him
and you laugh with bloodied teeth and dreams

you are the child of the forest, the valleys, the lonely hilltops
you are the son of magic and mystery and mayhem
you are the prince of shadows and the ghost-lord of old
and your fingers are still strong on your sword.

—  a song for the raven king; or: folklore archetypes - the sleeping king who was and will be

Olympics 2016, 16th August: Jason Kenny celebrates with fiancée Laura Trott after winning gold in the Men’s Keirin to tie Sir Chris Hoy as the most successful British Olympian of all time. Only an hour earlier, Trott became the first British woman to claim four gold medals after winning the Women’s Omnium; she maintains a perfect record at the Olympics, having won gold in every event she has entered. Between the two of them, they have achieved 10 golds and a silver, making them by far the most successful Olympic couple of all time. As it stands, if the Trott-Kenny household was an Olympic country, it would be 13th on the Rio 2016 medals table. They are due to marry in September.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went for a ride in the rain. 






On 5th September 2012, a British tourist was cycling in the area of Lake Annecy, France, when he made a grisly discovery.  After spotting a BMW in a lay by, the cyclist approached and found Sylvain Moller, a fellow cyclist, fatally shot, and 7-year-old Zainab al-Hilli, who had been badly beaten and sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder.  The cyclist rushed to the aid of the little girl, and broke the car window to turn off the engine.  Here he discovered 3 more bodies - Saad and Iqbal al-Hilli, and Iqbal’s mother Suhaila al-Allaf.  Each victim had been shot in the head.  8 hours later, police discovered 4-year-old Zeena alive in the car, hiding behind the legs of her dead mother.  Despite investigation on both sides of the Channel and a number of theories behind the crime, the murders remain unsolved.

so,,,,adam, ronan and opal on a snow day:

  • does it even snow in virginia idk, but indulge my british ass.
  • when the snow is falling from the sky, they all run out together. ronan has the privilege of seeing adam parrish with snowflakes in his hair. he takes photos for gansey.
  • the only winter clothing that ronan can find is some old dusty ratty hats and gross scarfs so he dreams up some stuff.
  • opal gets cute yellow mittens and with a matching hat and scarf. they have pictures of sunflowers on them and it means she’s easy to spot in the snow.
  • he brings back a puffer coat and mittens for adam (these mittens are magical n shit, they stop his hands getting cold no matter what bc lbr, ronan isn’t letting anything happen to adam’s hands).
  • tbh he probs just brings back some black gloves, a jumper and a hat for himself. adam would complain but he’s too distracted by ronan in a jumper.
  • so opal obviously wants to build a snowman. ronan starts singing that shitty frozen song and adam threatens to leave.
  • adam and opal build one together. it’s very traditional, with the stones for eyes and buttons, and one of the old gross scarfs for decoration.
  •  ronan’s is The Worst™ . it has a mohawk, some earphones and is holding an empty bottle of iron bru (it would have been beer but opal). adam hates it; opal loves it.
  • then snowball fights!!
  • opal starts it. she shoves snow down adam’s shirt while he’s leaning over. his shriek can be heard from the other side of the fields.
  • ronan is crying. he’s raised this girl so well.
  • so then. adam chasing opal around the field while she’s laughing and squeaking, calling 2 ronan for back up.
  • ronan comes to her aid. adam is no match against them.
  • look, im sure u can all see this going in the direction where ronan is sat on top of adam so im bringing it there.
  • ronan told opal to go round up some more snow while ronan keeps him hostage.
  • opal runs off, and ronan is grinning down at his boyfriend, their cheeks flushed and smiles wide.
  • if you’ve played until dawn, imagine that scene with jess and mike in the snow. ronan is leaning down for a kiss, when adam shoves snow in his face instead.
  • adam is laughing until ronan starts poking his sides in revenge. it continues with adam and ronan wrestling in the snow until opal gets back with a small bucket of snow.
  • she pours it over both of them, then runs off while she can.
  • they call a truce and run after their daughter.
  • they stay out for hours, until the snow is minimal and sun is setting.
  • opal has a shower first. then adam and ronan share.
  • the day ends with them sat in front of the fire with hot chocolate and blankets.
  • ronan doesnt stop smiling all night.

Ewan McGregor on The Tweed Run 2011, a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four suits. Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated.