Polish PL-01 Stealth Tank Prototype by OBRUM/BAE

Based on the Combat Vehicle 90 chasis, the PL-01 uses active infrared camouflage and radar absorbing material (RAM) to minimize infrared and radar signatures. In the near future, it will be used to test visual stealth technology as well. It is armed with either a 105 or 120 mm smoothbore cannon and 7.62 mm or .50 caliber independent gun turret system. It also has an active defense system, similar to Israel’s Trophy countermeasures. Level 5 ceramic-composite armor covers the frontal hemisphere, with the flanks having level four armor. Additional plug-and-play armor is available.

A full working prototype is scheduled to be fielded in 2016.

via Foxtrot Alpha

A now BAE Systems wind tunnel in 1949, showing an early model of the P.1A, the forerunner to the English Electric Lightning. So four years after Adolf Hitler shot himself and World War 2 came to an end, that is were the British aviation industry had got to - four years. Damn good show chaps, wherever you now are.


British Aerospace Experimental Aircraft Programme (EAP) - Advanced Technology Demonstrator

Originally to be three-nation program to demonstrate technology for the Eurofighter Typhoon, Italy and Germany pulled out of the program, leaving the United Kingdom as the sole participant. First flown in 1986, the EAP demonstrated many of the features of the planned Eurofighter, including computer controls, a glass cockpit, and the delta-canard configuration.Only one aircraft was built, flying until 1991. It now resides in the RAF museum.

Bottom picture: EAP vs. Eurofighter Typhoon

via RAF Museum