<b>The evolution of the British Harrier</b>

1. Hawker P.1127
2. Hawker Siddeley GR.1
3. Hawker Siddeley GR.3
4. Hawker Siddeley T.4
5. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.5
6. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.7
7. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.9
8. British Aerospace Harrier II T.12

A boy rides a bike on the stands before a tribute to the members of the Brazilian football team Chapecoense Real that were killed in a plane crash in the Colombian mountains that virtually wiped out team killing 71 people, at the club’s Arena Conda stadium in Chapeco, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, on November 30, 2016. Emotional tributes were paid Wednesday to the Brazilian football team Chapecoense Real. The charter plane, a British Aerospace 146, reported electrical problems just before the crash as it arrived in Medellin where Chapecoense were to play in the Copa Sudamericana final.


British Aerospace Sea Harrier FA.2

Informally known as the “Shar”, The Sea Harrier served in the Falklands War, both of the Gulf Wars, and the Balkans conflicts;