British Accent

(( OOC: So, I’ve been attempting to improve my accents over the last couple of days… because I’m absolute shit with accents… and I stumbled across what I think I’ll be using for my Fenrir voice. Let me know what you guys think! :) )) 


“I had a huge crush on him. He was so perfect and he spoke with this perfect British accent.” 

Charmian Carr (Liesl) has admitted she was attracted to Christopher Plummer.
Despite the 13 year age difference, Plummer admits that the feeling was mutual. He insists it never evolved beyond flirtation.

Woah.. It’s insane how much Jord looks like Andy Biersack in this particular photo. 

Both of them are so insanely attractive.. my goddddddd 

Male Model - Jord Liddell 

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Dream Daddy Headcanon #11

Dads React #3 P

Your dadsona may be British, but he has learned how to cleverly hide his accent, but here is how the Daddies will react to you suddenly and abruptly speaking in your native accent!

Robert:He hears your accent and kinda does a double take, his chin goes back as he looks around the room, checking to see if there are any hidden cameras. “Okay… What the actual hell was that? Was that really you? That accent really just came straight from your voice, into my living room and into my ears?” He excuses himself and pours himself some Whiskey. “Well, that changes everything, I love a good British accent~. Why didn’t you use that accent when we first met?”

Damien: When he first hears it, he gasps and then smiles at you. “Oh my, I’ve heard British accents before, but yours is the best impression.” He at first doesn’t believe you until Lucien confirms it through a British confirmation test he found on the internet. Damien is dumbfounded and admittingly jealous. The new Dad on the block happens to be British, this is a dream come true!

Craig: He chuckles, he knows you from college, and he knew that your accent only came out when you were either drunk off your mind, or when you wanted it to. He really likes your accent. “Embrace it, bro. God gave you the sexiest accent on the face of Maple Bay, heck on the face of the Earth! Go take on the cul-de-sac, then take on the world!”

Jospeh: Didn’t notice until you keep on talking in that accent. When he finds out it was you, he smiles and starts talking in a terrible British accent of his own. You both start laughing and eventually calm down. “Oh my gosh, I never knew, sorry for that terrible accent, you have the better one.”

Mat: Well, he is very shocked. He inhales and out of sheer joy, he begins to show you his Epic Beatles album collection. He says that you both should totally duet The Girl is Mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney for the next Open Mic. 

Hugo: He is a bit surprised at your accent and then becomes nonchalant. But he gets super pissed of andsurprised when Ernest starts saying British curse words, then he has to deal with the shock of you being British, and his British, wannabe son. Needless to say, he also can’t stand Spice Girls in the house anymore because you keep singing Wannabe, to which Ernest joins in a bit to annoy Hugo. “If you two don’t put those Spice Girls back into the pantry where they belong…”

Brian: He smiles and blushes a bit at the accent change you underwent. He smirks and starts talking to you in a flawless Irish accent.And much to Daisy’s dismay, you both keep having conversations and social exchanges in your accents.

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To the anonymous person who asked for the video here ya go! : ) 


This is a two-part video that helps to identify the differences in two English-speaking accents.

While you don’t need to (and frankly it’s better if you don’t) make these differences clear when writing dialogue, it’s good to know where and when the two accents differ, especially if you like to read dialogue out loud. Even if you’re familiar with British vs. English, you may still learn something interesting from these two videos. 

If you click to the original links on YouTube there are of course a variety of other videos in the sidebar concerning not only accents but also differences in British vs. American words and phrases.

I have this headcanon that Diana had a cockney accent when she was younger, and was taught RP because it was “more proper”, so she always speaks in perfectly pronunciated posh English in front of most people, but get her furious enough and she’ll slip into her cockney accent and, depending on how pissed she is, start yelling things that’d make a sailor blush