British Empire


Centrefire Semi-Automatic Pistol with Stock from Germany dated about 1899 on display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds

The Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” had become very fashionable and the Mauser was most advanced and expensive. Such weapons were used by the Boers in South Africa, this one being seized by the Royal Scots Fusiliers.  The wooden holster-stock has been carved with ’R.S. Fusiliers, Boer War, 1899-1900-01-02’ set around a South African Republic coin.

The coin is the Krugerrand named after the man on it, Paul Kruger the third President of the South African Republic and famous for his opposition to the British Empire during the Second Boer War. He was a controversial figure not just for fighting the Empire but also for his treatment of Black Africans in the Republic

England: What exactly are you doing with all that power, America?

America:… my best.

England: Tsk. At least when I owned the world I handled it. 

America: By leaving all the problems you caused up to me?!

England: Well, let’s presume, in my world, that you weren’t in the plan-  

Popham: The Forgotten Colony

It was founded the same year as Jamestown, Virginia, but you had probably never heard of it. Popham, Maine was started in 1607 by the Virginia Company of Plymouth, the second group of investors chartered by King James I to settle Virginia. The plan was the start this northern settlement as a shipbuilding colony, just south of French Canada, and presumably supply both the English and the French with all their ship-related needs.

Located just south of what is today Bath, Popham managed to survive its first Maine winter by the skin of its teeth: half of the 125 settlers chose to return to England as winter set in. Unfortunately, that was their first and only milestone. The founder George Popham died after the first winter, which was so discouraging that the remaining settlers packed up and headed back to England too!

Side note: the map below was what was planned. Archaeological excavations are currently ongoing, but it looks like they never finished the fort.

The one thing that Popham managed to do, in its year of existence, was build a 30-ton ship and christian it the Virginia. This ship was the first ship built by Europeans in North America. It was also the ship that the settlers used to get back home.