“She was an island, bound to no land, doomed to float in obscurity”

Set in the 1920’s, Laura Stratford, the British aristocrat trapped by family obligation, and Laura Elliott, the strong, beautiful girl, begging for freedom, duel for control. Laura Elliott-Stratford whisked off to Britain after her father’s death, struggles to fit in and to be herself. With the help of Graham, Sarah, and Jeremy, her recently acquainted friends, she just might do that.

I loved this book, and will definitely read it again and again. Claire’s complex and imperfect characters draw you in and the world she builds around them makes you stay. I went in thinking this was an average romance novel and I got to meet this sophisticated yet relatable heroine, who I will miss dearly. I would recommend this book to anyone. With a mixture of historical fiction, romance, and finding oneself, I believe anyone who picks it up will fall in love with it as I have.

Beó an dòchas
Ever hopeful Casey💕

Across the formidable sea
by Claire Laminen

Allies Kink Headcanons

America/Alfred F. Jones

  • Feeding- He loves to feed you greasy goods, especially burgers. He loves the groans he receives after a stuffing session and likes to rub their soft stomach to help relieve the pain of over eating.
  • Adores his when you’re on top - He loves to watch his s/o work for their pleasure as well as watch their chubby body jiggle and bounce while riding him.

Britian/Arthur Kirkland

  • Roleplay- His favorite is playing Captain while you are his slave. He needs to hear you call him captain before he cums, or there will be a severe punishment.
  • Master/Pet- He loves to have you wear a collar with a leash attached while riding him, every now and again he will pull and tug on the leash to make her go faster or as a reminder that you are his and his alone.

Canada/Matthew Williams

  • Lace- He loves when you wear lace; bras, panties you name it. He is also known to cum on the parts your body is covered in lace with.
  • Language- Often he will whisper words of love in your ear, especially in French. He is very confident when he talks dirty in his native tongue. Bonus points if you also speak French.

France/Fracis Bonnefoy

  • Over stimulation - Loves the way you squirm at his touch and the whimpers you lets out. He will not stop unless you beg or are completely spent, most likely the latter.
  • Praise- He is perfect at this. He loves to give words of love and encouragement when you are riding him or when you take his punishments well like a good girl.

Russia/Ivan Braginski

  • Spanking - Often spanks you to the point of not being able to sit correctly for a week. He loves the way you squirm and mewl under him from his touch.
  • BDSM- He is very much into tying his partner up and blindfolding them, leaving them completely clueless to what happens next. He is also a slight sadist.

China/Yao Wang

  • Edging - He loves to tease his partner either with his fingers or tongue. Bringing them up to almost a full climax, but then takes away that pleasure and watches as his partner whimpers from the lack of release.
  • Pet play - He loves to dress his s/o up in cat ears and a tail buttplug! He gushes over the mewls and meows you make on your knees before you open your mouth to receive him.

The Great Andamanese of the Andaman Islands, was originally comprised of over 10,000 people and 10 individual tribes. Over time, the Great Andamanese had occasional contacts with outsiders such as the neighbouring Jarawa and South Andamans, or of the odd shipwrecked sailor.
In 1858, the British invaded the Andaman Islands. This year saw great bloodshed and surmounted in a coordinated rebellion by the now unified ten different Great Andamanese tribes. This rebellion was eventually ended by Britian’s force, and in the coming years, the colonizers led many punitive missions in which a great number of Andamanese were executed. Britian forcibly transported indigenous peoples from Central-Eastern India (Jharkhand and Bihar) who were skilled in ground clearing, and utilised their abilities to locate the remaining Great Andamanese families who were left hiding. These groups would later be known as Bush Police.

The Great Andamanese were forced to cede to the British and accept their invasion. By this time, their population had reduced by more than half, and many had contacted venereal disease. A large number of these diseases were generated by the sexual contact of British colonisers. Many of the Great Andamanese after colonisation had developed dependencies on modern vices and food resources.

By the end of the 19th Century, their population had reached 20 individuals, in what had originally spanned 10 different tribal groups.
The Kora, Kede, Kol, Juqoi, Pucikwar, Bale and Bea were all extinct by 1931. The Northern Andaman Bo and Jeru comprise the total population of the Great Andamanese with roughly 25 members each, and the Kari are unofficially extinct.