everybody needs to watch this right now. i’m crying.

'Hey man. Can’t talk. You okay?'
  • 'Hey man. Can’t talk. You okay?'
  • R1 Breakfast Show

Bars and Melody from Britain’s Got Talent are in the studio, the whole segment cause they’re hilarious. They tried to call Harry but only got texts back. (05.06.2014)

‘Love how you don’t have his last name, it’s just Harry - so casual.’

’“My name is Nick, I am the director of Britain’s Got Talent, best friends with Harry Styles AND I am BBC Radio 1 presenter POW!” … When you’re looking for a job how good would that look?!’


French men. High heels. Flawless dancing. 

If you don’t watch this, I promise you that you will regret it. 

AfterLife’s Britain’s Got Talent Audition - Rehearsal Footage

‘After getting all 4 yes’s from the judges, unfortunately we never made the semi-finals of BGT 2015, so here is a rehearsal video of the routine we performed for our audition, Please Like and Share #IrishDance #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #AfterLife#DavidGuetta

Choreographed by: Tom Brosnan & James Greenan
Dancers: Tom Brosnan, James Greenan, mitchellhodges96, Callum Spencer, Erin Trevena, Aoife Kennedy, Chloey Turner, Louise O'Sullivan ‘


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