Britain's Next Top Model

Not  that  Louis’ ever needed an excuse to manhandle guys like Harry. If there are guys like Harry.”

Fanfic appreciation for Put It All On Me by LoadedGunn where Louis’ a sassy short model, Harry’s a world-renowned fashion photographer (and super sexy model too), Liam’s a director, Niall’s a drunk cameraman (who eats a lot) and Zayn is actually Tyra Banks. No. I can’t even say too many words on this one. It’s short, but perfect. I can read it over and over again and laughing at the same part (uh i’m so weird i know). and the smut scene is also supersexyievenheldmybreathtoolongsometime. so, go read it…this one is in my top 5 list favorite.

Achievement! :D i draw zayn, niall and Liam!! wow. i just hope i can have time to color this later. Oh and credit if you use it ‘kay? :) (oh oh and my commission is still open, check them out if you’re interested hehe)

Elle MacPherson I am SO disappointed you got rid of this woman. Jessica Etonye is not a conventional model and I thought you were FINALLY going to break the mould and choose unconvential to be your top model.

How well have the past BNTM winners done? Nobody knows who they are anymore. Maybe because they’re run-of-the-mill and predictable. I;m not one of these people who demands plus size models in vogue, but I want weird and wonderful girls in vogue that aren’t bog standard pretty. I want Jessica in Vogue. She is a fantastic woman, she is a lovely person (which I can’t say for many of the other girls) and I don’t care if you don’t think she’s pretty I think she amazing and weird but fabulous. She’s got a great body AND SHE HAS BOOBS.

Aside from anything else they said her photo wasn’t good but the client was happy with it. I’m sick of the models getting the blame when the photographer makes a wrong decision. They NEED to stop deciding based on the photo alone, they point of being a model is making the client happy and if they’d looked at the film they would see the client was pleased with the film.

I’m also pretty annoyed that Anastasia came back when she was eliminated in the last episode. But I’m pretty sure most people will agree with that.

Ahem, anyway. I still love Jessica and I would be honoured if I got to shoot her. Sorry, I just needed to say how much I love her and how refreshing it was to see someone different on screen in BINTM.