You’re Engaged! Now, What?: Guest Blogger

Google alum Brit Morin is the founder of Brit & Co., an online lifestyle brand that covers tech, DIY, beauty, food…basically all our favorite things. Now she’s launched Weduarya super-cool app that makes getting married as easy as ordering from Seamless Web. It lets couples construct a custom site in just four steps and even leverages Facebook’s social graph to help with photos, invite guests, and manage other logistical details. All week, the wedding-savvy entrepreneur will be sharing her best big day tips with us. Even if you aren’t a bride-to-be, there’s plenty to learn.

Wedding season is officially upon us! This summer marks my first wedding anniversary, and as an ex-bride, I’m here to give all of you girls the dirty little secrets about how to make it through the craziness of a wedding. Stay tuned all week long as I spout tips to brides and bridesmaids alike!

Up first: what to do if you JUST got engaged. Obviously, you’ll need to update your Facebook status, upload pics of your rock, and do all of the other standard communications…but, then what? Here are a few places to start:

First thing’s first: read up on Birchbox’s very own Bridal Beauty Game Plan. It’s a lifesaver! In fact, I would even recommend printing it out and taping it on your bathroom mirror so you never forget a thing.

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