Encountered in the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia. Artist unknown.

The art installation invited visitors to write unspoken messages of gratitude, insight or regret on the provided letter stationary in three booths. Envelopes could be left sealed or unsealed, and visitors were free to look through the contents of any unsealed envelopes. When I visited, most of the envelopes were addressed to mailing addresses (to be mailed out by the gallery at the end of the exhibit) or to more poetic destinations. One unsealed envelope, pictured above, caught my eye for obvious reasons, and though I certainly wasn’t expecting to find physical McHanzo art in an art gallery in Brisbane, I was pleasantly surprised.

I hope that others with an appreciation for near-naked Overwatch men also find this envelope out of all the others, as I did, before it is incinerated at the end of the exhibit along with all the other envelopes without mailing addresses.


- the ultimate selfie -

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These four graffiti writers got to go nuts inside a warehouse in Brisbane before it was demolished. Check this timelapse video out!

Selfie Saturday - Wafia

22-year-old Brisbane artist Wafia caught our attention immediately with the release of her single “Heartburn,” toeing the lines between R&B and electronica and perfectly capturing the feeling you get after seeing someone you once loved, someone who betrayed you and played with your heart. It’s no wonder she’s signed to Future Classic’s label and continues to captivate with her XXIX EP just released this week, which highlights her honest vocals and delves in to her Middle Eastern influences. We were thrilled to pick her brain earlier this week, read after the jump to find out about her experience at a recent Future Classic writing camp, her appreciation for Aziz Ansari’s Master of None series, and more.

Wafia’s XXIX EP - Available Now via Future Classic

Photo: Claire Wakeford 

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