Do you love Disney songs? Do you also love live performers?! Then this is the perfect night out for you! Come along to see a selection of Brisbane’s finest performers bringing your childhood classics to life! For one night only, all of your dreams can come true, when you wish upon a gala!

Local musician ‘Your Man Alex Smith’ is raising funds to record, produce, master, print and release his debut album and it is with the incredible amount of support that he has received already, along with yours that will make this possible.

WHEN: Saturday 8th June 2013, 7:00pm Doors Open, 7:30 Show Begins!

WHERE: The Chelmer Community Hall, Cnr Queenscroft & Halsbury Street, Chelmer. Brisbane, Australia.

Pre-Book (Pay at the door) – $10
On the Night - $15

The event is B.Y.O with a small donation required as a corkage fee! Soft drink will be available to buy at the event and water will be provided!

Not only will there be snacks being whipped up in the kitchen but local Brisbane businesses have donated some craft to be sold with the proceeds going towards the event.
There will also be Your Man Alex Smith T-Shirts available for purchase as well as his 'live at the Zoo’ album.

To pre-book and reserve your ticket for the reduced price of $10, send an email with your details to:

Know anyone else who you think would enjoy this? Just reblog this post or invite them to the facebook event page! The more the merrier!

Hope to see you all there!


Transforming Tindale: In conversation with Michael Aird, Vernon Ah Kee and Louise Denoon, 2013


I had an absolutely brilliant time at my first art exhibition last night, it was such a great experience. Thanks to everyone who came and said hello! I didn’t expect to meet anyone who knew me from the internet!

Pictures by my adorable and talented friend @benjamindonnelly <3


Here’s one of my originals from ‘The World’s Greatest Gala’!

Hope you guys like it :D

Charcoal Portraiture Workshop

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Hey Guys, I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to share my knowledge on what I’ve learnt as an artist. I love helping people on their artistic journey and so for the first one, I will be teaching a workshop on Portraiture using charcoal. Charcoal is an unforgiving medium and hard to tame but I have learn skills and tips which I would love to share with you so you too can understand charcoal…

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2HIGH 2016

Okay, hello!
It is 11am on a mighty hot Sunday, and thanks to my job, I’ve been awake since about 4:30am without penalty rates, but that’s another conversation.

Today I want to steal your precious time and attention and tell you about an amazing experience I had two weeks ago. Look, I am a little upset with myself for only just writing about this, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just going to be a quick post that doesn’t give the event the praise it absolutely deserves!

On Friday January 15, a quiet arts building in the streets of Brisbane came alive for three full days of art, fun, and learning. Of course, I can only be talking about the Backbone 2High Festival. Truth time, although I have just graduated from being a full time theatre student, this was my first ever 2High Festival, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I had. Now for those not exactly versed in the happenings of our government and the arts sector, arts funding has received major cuts recently and it sure makes for though times. This not only upset a lot of people, but also meant that a lot of people lost the ability to do the one thing in life they love and could have possibly made money from. However, as our predecessors have done before us, we will get through this, and the 2High Festival is a spectacular example of the resilience and support the arts sector has in itself.

Thank whatever higher power there is, we came together, stronger than ever! Metro Arts was ALIVE! For one weekend in January, theatre makers, performers, and supporters were one with music, art, theatre, and science. Yes, I said science, and it was damn cool! Enter, the studio. As some may know, this is where my final university show, Unheimlich was performed. Therefore, you can understand the intense feelings surrounding the space.

However, although short and limited, my time in the studio was enjoyable. I got to see the same science show twice, and both times I left the space with a pleasant smile on my face. I also had the opportunity to sit in at a panel about mental health in the arts industry. Although my time at the panel was cut short for another event, I felt as though I need no longer be in the space thanks to one Margie Brown Ash. This remarkable woman said all that needed to be said about mental illness in performing arts in the span of five minutes. As performing artists we have conditioned ourselves to believe that pushing ourselves is the best training to make ourselves better performers, but we should be listening to our bodies and caring for ourselves. And with that, I could leave feeling complete.

The 2High Festival also featured an art gallery filled with stunning ideas and food for thought about the world we are in. This also included a live art piece on Friday and Saturday night that was not to be missed. As all art, this was a piece of interpretation. However, one thing was made clear, and that was that the piece explored how the performer reacted to performing a repetitive task with increasing difficulty. Witnessing the increasing struggle in the body and how this changed his approach to how he performed, made for a truly captivating piece.

And finally, the space boasted three performance spaces. The Sue Benner was a space for raw performance, that never had a problem achieving full capacity. Patrons also enjoyed outdoor performances by a wide variety of musicians and circus acts. This definitely created a fantastic festival vibe after the sun set with rich music, arty vibe, and an open bar. Down stairs from the high energy of the outdoor set, patrons found The F-Word space. Originally created as a place to explore feminism in a safe way and create a conversation about equality, gender, and sex, but found itself to be much, much more! However, I will leave that for another time. The F-Word is where I found myself for a majority of the festival, and have only had positive things to say about it since.

Well there you have it. Honestly, I don’t think I was able to give the 2High Festival the praise it deserves in this post, but I certainly do hope that it encourages support for the event. As mentioned earlier, look out for my full experience of the F-Word space and its importance in our ever developing arts world.
Have a fabulous Monday!

I apologize for any mistakes, or misleading or false facts in my writing. Please contact me with any worries and I will rectify ASAP.