Guys, we’ve got Danica (voice of Miss Martian) and Yuri (voice of La'gaan/Garth/Icicle Jr/Tommy Terror) retweeting. Hopefully, Jesse McCartney and Jason Spisak (I mean he’s in both shows!) will soon show support as well.

We can do this, the voice actors want this too. We’ve got to show CN that we are not a force to be reckoned with.

We just have to have hope, and continue fighting.

México en el zócalo exigiendo que regresen vivos a los 43 estudiantes y que Renuncie Peña Nieto!!

#Remembering and #lamenting the days when #skateshoes were worth their $$$
I wish they were built like this now and with #realleather to boot
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The mindy project made me think I wanted to be a doctor. I later realised that doctors don’t only have to sass their coworkers, wear amazing outfits and have rivals with the midwives who share the same building. THEY HAVE TO DELIVER BABIES!!!! Can you imagine?!?
I’d be in the delivery room and I’d say ‘no this isn’t what I signed up for, can you bring me my Danny now?? Ty.’