Brigette Barrager


Sneak peeks of Sleeping Cinderella and Other Princess Mix-Ups from illustrator Brigette Barrager’s Instagram

Princesses Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel swap fairy tales with one another in this hilariously clever new classic!

Once upon a time, four fairy tale misses,

tired of dwarves, witches, princes, and kisses,

so bored and fed up, or just ready to flop,

upped and left home for a fairy tale swap.

What happens when Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel get so fed up with their fairy tales that they decide to switch places with one another? Hilarity ensues in this clever, rhyming story about whether the grass really is greener at someone else’s castle.

Author Stephanie Clarkson crafts an incredibly witty manuscript, with rhymes that shine and predicaments that will make little girls everywhere laugh out loud, as illustrator Brigette Barrager brings these beautiful princesses to life with her rich, warm colors and charming retro-girl style!

Sleeping Cinderella and Other Princess Mix-Ups is out today!

Dear Ed,

Have you noticed that velvet is popping up a LOT in women’s clothing lately?  Velvet is making a comeback the way lace did a few years ago: it’s appearing everywhere on everything, from completely velvet dresses (like that black babydoll number I posted a while back) to little velvet accents.  My personal take on velvet:  I’m really happy it’s making a comeback!!  I say, welcome back velvet, you soft fuzzy silky furry shiny luxe stuff, you!  I associate velvet with vintage clothes mostly, since it was used a LOT in decades past.  And no, I’m not talkin’ about the whole stretch-crushed-velvet of the 90’s (I’d be okay if we stuck to the non-crushed variety).  I’m talking about the gorgeous fabrics used by the Victorians, or cocktail dresses of the 50’s, or flowered hats from the 60’s.  Here are some velvety items that I’ve seen out and about:

mossy green skirt: madewell.  I love this color.  So much.  It has a vintage feeling to it.  I also like that they styled it with a striped sweater!

mustard yellow coat: top shop.  Daron has this coat, and when I first saw her in it I practically jumped all over her with questions: “where’d you get that? is it vintage?  are those the original buttons?” It’s because I love it.  Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors eveeeeerrrr!  The little velvet bow at the throat is functional, so you have to tie-untie it to take it on and off, which some might say in inconvenient, but I say it’s a wonderful touch.  

teal hair comb: urban outfitters.  I never really figured out how to wear these kind of hair combs, but I sure like this one.  They have other colors too! (also: dude it’s on sale!)

yellow dress:  anthropologie.  Doesn’t this look wonderfully vintage?!  Straight out of the 60’s.  

pink purse: ruche.  Doesn’t it look like a princess purse?

magenta heels:  top shop.  I’ve been trying to give myself a good excuse to buy these.  They are a big punch of color and texture…I love that they used a satin ribbon as the closure.  Those are straight out of a pin up fairytale (in the best possible way).  

velvet shorts:  madewell.  I actually bought these!  They were on sale, I tried them on, just on a whim, and I fell in loooooove with them.  I wear them with black tights cause they’re kind of booty-tastic without them (velvet is a little clingy).  They are soooo comfy and deluxe at the same time.  

Also, isn’t winter the perfect season for a cozy fabric like this?  Yes it is.