“the relationship with dottie and peggy was the one that was like… so much about fascination and curiosity. dottie had never met anyone like peggy before. someone that powerful, a woman in that role, and it was just foreign to her. it’s like you can’t tell if she wants to be her, if she wants to have sex with her or if she wants to kill her. and i was just like “i think she wants to do them all, so that’s what i’m going to play.””

I just realized The CW queerbaited me with lady kisses into watching most of their shows...

First Sara & Nyssa on Arrow which was barely a thing.

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Then Clarke & Lexa on The 100..I don’t wanna talk about this.

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Also they got me with Luisa & Rose on Jane the Virgin who NEED to be on the show more!

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Lastly, Betty & Veronica on Riverdale whose friendship I adore, but I still wish they were gay.

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In my mind
I have shot you and stabbed you through your heart
I just didn’t understand
The ricochet is the second part