Bridge Artists

There’s a lot of shitty, hateful things happening in the world right now. But despite feeling utterly powerless, we should keep marching and talking and drawing and shouting until we’re heard. Don’t be silent, compassion is all we’ve got. Fuck racism. Diversity is beautiful.

#RefugeesWelcome #BuildBridgesNotWalls #StandUpToTrump 🖕

Dorothy Counts and Ruby Bridges // trailblazers

Dorothy Counts and Ruby Bridges.  Never underestimate the power of a girl who wants to learn.  Dorothy Counts and Ruby Bridges are two of the more well-known girls who were the first black students at all-white schools down south in the 60s.  Dorothy was in high school at the time, but Ruby was just 6 years old.  Escorted by armed guards, each girl walked into school surrounded by white protesters screaming obscenities and threats towards them simply for trying to get a good education.   Still these girls carried themselves with a dignity and grace that you would not believe.  As adults, both women continued their activism and have spoken widely about their experiences in the hopes that no other child should have to endure such abuse at school.