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Ingrid Third ~ Drifters ~ 17

A certified genius and former delinquent, Ingrid Third is definitely not a person anyone would ever think to call boring. The daughter of a very successful professor, Ingrid has always been highly intelligent which, unfortunately,  when combined with her unique style and personality, made her a prime target for bullies. Ingrid began to fight back and act out, becoming quite the trickster. Her antics ended up getting her kicked out of school after school, which really, was probably her aim. She never wanted to stay in one place for too long. By the time she was even old enough to begin high school, she had been to more schools then anyone was willing to count. The only reason she was even let into Wishing Well in spite of her record was her father’s influence mixed with her incredibly high intelligence. She was told that Wishing Well would probably be her last chance, but yet she had still intended to blow it just like every other one.

In Ingrid’s first week of her first year at Wishing Well, someone set off a giant stink bomb that managed to reach basically all of one of the dorm buildings. Pretty tame for Wishing Well, maybe. But seeing as the staff knew it had to be one of the first years and wanted to make an example out of the culprit, they were ready to deal with the incident as most normal school would. Due to her record, Ingrid was naturally a suspect and she was ready to take the fall for it just so she wouldn’t have to stay at school, but then that’s when Cornelius Fillmore stepped in. A former delinquent a year ahead of Ingrid, he was asked by the staff to speak to her. To him, it was pretty obvious that Ingrid hadn’t done it and somehow convinced her that taking the fall just to get out of school was a stupid idea and that maybe if she gave Wishing Well a shot, it wouldn’t be too bad. Ingrid agreed to help him figure out who was really responsible for the incident and they got her named cleared and Ingrid decided to stick around. The two have been best friends ever since and have begun working as a team of private investigators around campus. Something like Basil and Dawson maybe, who they are often in competition with, but Ingrid and Fillmore are much more like modern day TV cops then the Sherlock Holmes style detectives.

Combined with her already high intelligence, Ingrid also has a photographic memory which she puts to use quite often. It helps out a lot both with school work and when working on a case with Fillmore. She also has some forensics training that she got from an associate of her dad’s which she finds useful too. One day she hopes to be an actual FBI agent, but she knows she still has a long way to go until then.

Ingrid is generally a very quiet girl who speaks only when it is really necessary. However, this doesn’t mean she is a passive person. She is actually quite stern and also very stubborn and argumentative. She and Fillmore tend to argue a lot sometimes as they tend to have different opinions on a lot of things and people, especially when they are working and Ingrid can get quite mean in these fights, but ultimately the two of them always work things out since neither of them really knows what they would do without their partner.

Her dark style, stern attitude, and generally anti-social behavior can often give off a pretty gothic or emo aura from Ingrid, but really if you get to know her you will find that she is actually quite kind hearted and sympathetic. She isn’t as quick to pass judgement on people as her partner is. She always believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and she is also more willing to work with some of Wishing Well’s darker denizens if the need comes up considering she is also a very determined girl who will do anything it takes to get to the bottom of a case. Among some of her closest allies but also worst enemies are the trouble making trio of Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Though Fillmore is often hesitant around them, Ingrid is more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and occasionally her own assistance in their schemes where it is asked for if it will help her get information.

Though you would think her intelligence would immediately place her as a Smarticle, Ingrid chose to not be a part of a specific Clique and remained a drifter along with Fillmore as they decided they didn’t really want to be affiliated with any group, but preferred to just continue to a neutral and independent team of two.

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