Superman/Wonder Woman #30

This single issue was never released by DC because, of course, they decided to Rebirth everything and who cared about thing like details for fans of the new 52 and tying up loose ends?  And then this would contradict and cloud pretty much what Rucka was doing with Diana and Steve. This was written BEFORE Rucka pulled the 180 of Diana’s life for 5 years as not real and his Rebirth Diana claimed she was with Superman because it was easy. lol. After reading this issue along with #31 we have even more evidence to prove Rebirth is just jumping the shark. And this new 52 Diana is and could never be Rebirth Wonder Woman. They are simply two different women.

We’re kinda surprised DC bothered but the two unpublished issues were placed in the Superman Savage Dawn trade and it will also be included in the final Superman/Wonder Woman volume 5 A Savage End out in December.  It follows Diana after she and Clark took time apart.  Clark had not told her as yet he was dying. Peter J Tomasi had not bothered to flesh and resolve the drama he created but thanks to Brian Buccellato,  who wrote these issues, we do get exploration of Diana’s feelings for Clark and a chance to see the situation in a very human way.  We will share some of these moments in these two issues with our fellow SuperWonder fans because they will show that our couple, while going though some hard times, were not together for the lame reasons laid out by Rucka. He never wrote them ergo he doesn’t know them. His Diana is not our Diana here. Our Diana is not that shallow confused woman who couldn’t even muster one adjective to describe one Clark Kent trait as to why she would even be in a relationship with him. 

Diana and Clark were on a break during the Truth/Savage Dawn storyline and here Steve tries to see if he has a chance, given that he he thinks she and Clark are not together. Diana very firmly makes it clear to Steve she was not interested. She is trying to find out what why Clark is avoiding her. What was he hiding?

We will share more with you later and just like some Rebirth can ignore us or try to crap on what we loved…we can ignore them. THIS is the couple and the story we invested in and we’re not going to let Rebirth dampened what we know to be the truth. Rucka and his lies can go take a hike. 

If anyone wants to get it for themselves…Savage Dawn is on sale on Comixology and the likes of Amazon and your local comic and book stores.