1986. After The Fall From Grace

is the second album by band Savage Grace. it was recorded by Chris Logue on guitars and lead vocals.

Savage Grace was one of those totally classic metal bands that could only have come from America in the mid `80s. Like Armored Saint, Helstar, Omen and Vicious Rumors, Savage Grace combined the NWOBHM energy with power metal and speed metal elements.

If you’re a serious collector of classic `80s era heavy metal, the Savage Grace  are must-have releases. All in all, they’re pretty terrific reissues that come as a very welcome development for those of us who have had to make do with lousy bootlegs for the past several years.

       Chris Logue    Brian East    Mark Marshal     Mark Marcum

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Hardy’s astonishing, award-caliber twin turn as the notorious Kray brothers deepens and darkens Brian Helgeland’s biopic.

There are two good reasons to make what might otherwise seem an inessential new biopic of Ronnie and Reggie Kray — and both of them, as it happens, take the formidable form ofTom Hardy. Playing both the infamously savage Cockney crime lords in a dazzling feat of thespian self-splicing to rival Jeremy Irons in “Dead Ringers,” Hardy’s inspired twin turn elevates and complicates the otherwise straightforward terrain of “Legend,” in which U.S. writer-helmer Brian Helgeland gives London’s East End gangland a slightly touristic candy-coating of Swinging ’60s glamor. While Helgeland’s script lacks the wit and grit of his Oscar-winning job on “L.A. Confidential,” this lengthy, engrossing underworld saga creditably attempts to work a female perspective — that of Reggie’s innocent wife, Frances — into these laddish proceedings. If the Hardy Boys’ film-swallowing contribution ultimately thwarts the effort, that can’t be helped.

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1985. Master of Disguise

is the first album by band Savage Grace.

the band formed by Chris Logue and Brian East , they active between 1981 and 1993.

followed in 1985 and introduced yet another new vocalist, Mike Smith. The album’s controversial cover depicts a police officer with red demon-like eyes keeping a topless girl cleave gagged and handcuffed to his motorcycle. The album was also recorded with only one guitar player, Chris Logue handled all guitar duties. During its release Grace were joined for a short period by Kurt Phillips of Canadian band Witchkiller and then Mark “Chase” Marshall. Later Mike Smith was fired and after touring Europe Dan Finch left the band.

“Master of Disguise” Easily one of the earliest and best speed metal albums ever.

              Mike Smith     Chris Logue    Brian East    Dan Finch


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