Artists Amy L. Rawson and Brian East (previously featured here) have returned with an all new awesome and eldritch Santa Cthulhu creation. We’ve loved the previous incarnations, but this year they’ve outdone themselves my painstakingly crafting an 11" tall needle felted Santa Cthulhu who rides in a gorgeous Oct-Sleigh that’s pulled by the dreaded Shoggoth. Santa Cthulhu travels with a fishnet sack overflowing with writhing tentacular gifts.

Amy and Brian’s Needle Felted Santa Cthulhu with Shoggoth and Octi-Sleigh is a one-of-a-kind creation and is currently available to purchase via Amy’s Etsy shop.

Click here for more photos and details. Cthulhu fhtagn.

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1985. Master of Disguise

is the first album by band Savage Grace.

the band formed by Chris Logue and Brian East , they active between 1981 and 1993.

followed in 1985 and introduced yet another new vocalist, Mike Smith. The album’s controversial cover depicts a police officer with red demon-like eyes keeping a topless girl cleave gagged and handcuffed to his motorcycle. The album was also recorded with only one guitar player, Chris Logue handled all guitar duties. During its release Grace were joined for a short period by Kurt Phillips of Canadian band Witchkiller and then Mark “Chase” Marshall. Later Mike Smith was fired and after touring Europe Dan Finch left the band.

“Master of Disguise” Easily one of the earliest and best speed metal albums ever.

              Mike Smith     Chris Logue    Brian East    Dan Finch

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Bored with the west coast style of skating! Can you recommend some east coast rippers?

oh dude so many!! cyrus bennett, philly santosuosso, antonio durao, max palmer, will marshall, antoine asselin, stu kirst, brandon westgate, jkjhnsn, jordan trahan, joey larock, bobby de keyzer, aaron herrington, ben kadow, brendan carroll, eli reed, brian clarke, gavin nolan, eric dasaro, jon rowe, nik stain… yeah! tried to focus on the new/young dudes, obvs there are a ton of east coast legends but these are dudes still putting out footy on the regular. used my top styles page as a reference. enjoy!


You don’t have to have a tentacular wreath creature hanging on your door or a Cthulhumas tree staring at you from the corner your living room in order to incorporate the Great Old Ones into your holiday festivities. Longtime Cthulhumas celebrants Amy L. Rawson and Brian East (creators of Santa Cthulhu and previously featured here) have been working on these adorable yet still thoroughly eldritch Cthupid Ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

That’s right, they’re Cthulhu Cupids. Ancient evil has never been so horrifyingly cute. Amy just finished hand-painting these three tentacular cherubs. Brian is still working on some others.

These ornaments are available via Amy’s Etsy shop along with other Lovecraftian ornaments such as the Snowman Cthulhu Ornament and the Santa Cthulhu Ornament. (But you might want to act quickly if you’re interested, because a little Elder God just told us that the green Cthupid ornament has already been snatched up.)

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In My City / Ellie Goulding - Choreography by BOOGIEMIND

To celebrate @heavenlyrecordings turning 25 view the exhibition featuring our portraits along with Heavenly friends by photographer Brian David Stevens @roughtrade East from September 1st ✨ ALL JOIN IN ✨

Wicklow’s Cutest Pet

The past few weeks has seen East Coast FM searching far and wide for the county’s cutest pet. There have been pint size pups as well as big dogs and cats of all colours as well as less common pets such as turtles, rabbits, pigs, sheep and even a hedgehog or two from around the county. Almost 1,000 pets entered to win the coveted title. The finalists are were selected based on Facebook ‘likes’ and…

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One Song: Love Crime - Siouxsie Sioux & Brian Reitzell

Two Movies: East of Eden & Twelfth Night (Don’t watch the trailers for either of these films they are awful)

Three Shows: Hannibal, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls

Four Artists: The Pierces, Lana Del Rey, Franz Ferdinand, Japan

Five Foods: Waffles, Subway Turkey Sandwich, carne asada burrito, grilled salmon, sushi

Six People: brogineer, fictivetruism, bengeemon, iownsomemovies, third-rate-hero, lichuvanderm


Buzzfeed called it the “The Greatest Christmas Music Video Of All Time” and they were absolutely bloody right. Through the fights, the tears and the “STEAM!”, this is still festive gold.

Lovingly illustrated by my grubby hands and now available from my Etsy shop.

15 Rare And Wonderful Treasures From Throughout Disneyland’s History

The Walt Disney Archives pulled out some incredible artifacts in celebration of the park’s 60th anniversary.

So 2015 marks a very big year for Disneyland: On July 17, the park that Walt Disney built turned 60 years old.

External image

Paul Hiffmeyer / Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

And in celebration of Disneyland’s diamond anniversary, the folks over at the Walt Disney Archives put together a special exhibit at the D23 convention with awesome and rare park artifacts from its 60-year history.

External image

Image Group La / Getty Images

Original concept art for Disneyland.

External image

The concept art dates back to 1954, and was created to pitch the idea of the park to potential licensees on the East Coast.

Brian Galindo/ BuzzFeed

The first ticket sold at Disneyland.

External image

The ticket was purchased by Roy Disney, Walt’s older brother, and it cost just $1. By comparison, an adult ticket today costs $99!

Brian Galindo/ BuzzFeed

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Nice - Rondo ‘69 (live)

This is the first prog band from the 60s. The drums are technical played by master drummer Brian Davidson. The keys are played by expert pianist Emerson. Guitar by David O’List and bass by… drawing a blank but he was in Refugee or Rare Bird if I am not mistaken. This song has influenced my drumming as much as anything else.

Things we can all learn from East Coast DJs - The Jay and Brian Show: By #BrianSRedd #JayBrannan #DJJayB

Things we can all learn from East Coast DJs – The Jay and Brian Show: By #BrianSRedd #JayBrannan #DJJayB

External image

Things we can all learn from East Coast DJs – The Jay and Brian Show: By #BrianSRedd #JayBrannan #DJJayB

Our general impression of East Coast DJs at Expo 2015 was very positive!
More from Jay at

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Brian Williams | nbc news with brian william

Brian Williams | nbc news with brian william

External image

NBC’s Brian Williams Addresses Iraq RPG Helicopter Story
NBC’s Brian Williams Addresses Iraq RPG Helicopter Story (Video Credit: NBC News)

brian williams nightly news
nbc nightly news with brian williams
nightly news with brian williams
nbc nightly news brian williams
nightly news brian williams
brian williams nbc nightly news

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Eagles: Ed Reynolds deserves to run with the "ones"

Eagles: Ed Reynolds deserves to run with the “ones”


View image | Hungry rookies tend to show up big in preseason. Ed Reynolds maximized his opportunity. Is he ready to play with the Eagles “ones”? Tune into the podcast below as I explain.


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Blow-Up Dolls Make VR Sex Worse

External image

Don’t worry. This gentleman is fully dressed, and he isn’t actually making love to this blow-up doll. Oh good.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

At this month’s Ocufes, a regular event dedicated to the Oculus Rift in Japan, there were loads of VR demos to try, including this:

This comes via a thread on 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board, which calls this VR demo “too awful.” Perhaps, the answer is better blow-up dolls?

External image

There are no answers, really.

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