Can’t get enough, it melts my soul. Thanks for the inspiration.


WHO: The Rescue Ships
WHAT: Single - Bodies
WHERE: Sydney, Australia


“This is a song about being in a punch up with a friend of mine…” says the very innocent looking and petite Elana Stone, jokingly at last night’s The Smallest Gig.

Elana Stone and Brian Campeau are The Rescue Ships. Combining comedic stage banter with astounding musicianship, the duo will keep you thoroughly entertained and in awe.

Their already incredible on-stage chemistry is enhanced by their flawless ability to stay in sync with each other; ripping apart and sharing vocal rhythms like a musical puzzle. With Stone’s dynamic voice and Campeau’s fiddly guitar melodies and percussion, they make a great team.

Their debut album is due out sometime in April 2012. To stay updated, jump onto their Facebook page or visit them on Triple J Unearthed.


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