Romeo receives the news of his banishment with hysterical passion, declaring exile to be death, life and selfhood to be inseparable from Juliet: then, seeing his act through her eyes, he fears he destroyed her in betraying himself. Romeo’s attempted suicide (III.iii) marks the nadir of his struggle with his own immaturity, but it proves at the same time to be an important point of self-discovery, a tempering. His tragic role may be clarified by contrast with that of Hamlet. Shakespeare withholds from Romeo the full experience of evil, the capacity for unbounded and ruthless self-analysis, the conscious acceptance of responsibility for society at large, with which he endows Hamlet. It is the special poignancy of Hamlet’s fate that he must confront it alone; for Romeo and Juliet there is consolation. And the exultation of sharing love as they undergo a shared fate.
—  Brian Gibbons, in his introduction to Romeo and Juliet.
A Comprehensive List of USWNT Nicknames

2015 WWC team- 2017 January Camp Roster

Morgan Brian: Bean, Moe, Miss M

Shannon Boxx: Boxxy

Lori Chalupny: Chups

Crystal Dunn: Crys, Dunnie

Whitney Engen: Whit

Christina Gibbons: Gibbs, Gibby

Adrianna Franch: AD

Ashlyn Harris: Ash, Pookie (by Allie)

Tobin Heath: Tobs, Toby, Harry (by Allie)

Lauren Holiday: Chens, Cheney

Lindsey Horan: Linds, The Great Horan, Loomie (by Allie), College Skipper (announcers)

Julie Johnston: Jules, JJ, Beast

Meghan Klingenberg: Kling

Ali Krieger: Kriegs, Warrior Princess

Rose Lavelle: Sweet Baby Rose (SBR)

Sydney Leroux: Syd (the kid)

Carli Lloyd: Car, Carl, Carlos

Allie Long: Harry (by Tobin), Alza, AL, Loomie (by Lindsey)

Sam Mewis: Sammy, Panic Petunia, MewTwo

Stephanie McCaffrey: Steph, Hood Rat McCaffrey

Alex Morgan: Baby Horse, AMorgs

Alyssa Naeher: Lyssa, Silent Assassin

Kelley O’Hara: KO (KOH), Frat Daddy, Kevin, Super Sub

Heather O’Reilly: HAO

Kealia Ohai: K

Christen Press: Chris, Pressi, CP

Mallory Pugh: Mal, Baby Mal, Baby America

Christie Rampone: Cap, Pearcie

Megan Rapinoe: Pinoe

Amy Rodriguez: ARod

Becky Sauerbrunn: Broon, Reba

Casey Short: Shorty

Emily Sonnett: Bodycheck, Sonny, Frat Daddy Jr.

Andi Sullivan: Sunny, Mom

Abby Wambach: Abs, Mary, Babs

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anonymous asked:

I'd like to buy a copy of Romeo and Juliet! Can you please tell me what your favourite editions are?

Of course my dear!

If you want a heavily annotated edition with an exhaustive introduction, try the following:

If you are looking for an edition which will just help with basic vocabulary but which is not as overwhelming as the ones listed above, these may be good options:

If the main quality of your edition should be beauty, the options are of course numerous. Out of the editions I own, however, I find the following particularly exquisite:

Other editions worth mentioning are:

Anyway, these are the ones I either own or had the opportunity to read!

Mercutio is drawn magnetically to Tybalt as is Romeo to Juliet; his diversion of quarrel to himself is ironically comparable to a rival lover’s act of seduction. Indeed, to kill Tybalt seems a pleasure in itself, an honourable duty, is to emulate Romeo, and perhaps, more obscurely, satisfies envy of Romeo’s dedication to love. So, for Mercutio, Romeo’s disastrous intervention in the duel is precisely expressive of the malevolent power of Venus (though he never learns of Romeo’s marriage) and Romeo’s impulse for peace strikes him as unbearably ironic, agonizingly absurd. Their mutual incomprehension and mutual affection are given balletic clarity in the fatal action. Mercutio’s exultant dance as he fights Tybalt is broken by his friend’s dream-guided intervention; the moment’s hesitation gives death its chance. In an instant the whole course of the play alters decisively, and the scene which began with jesting about quarreling ends with the solemn bearing of a dead body from the stage.
—  Brian Gibbons, in his introduction to Romeo and Juliet.

Updated jerseys pictures! I haven’t taken new ones in awhile.

  • If they’re not flipped over there isn’t a name on the back.
  • The only signed ones are Beau Bennett, Sidney Crosby, and Paul Martin.
  • Current count is 117 jerseys, 86 sherseys

Not pictured because I got them after I took these pictures:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby shersey, black
  • Vancouver Canucks Markus Naslund shersey, blue
  • Minnesota Wild Mikko Koivu shersey, red
  • Calgary Flames blank jersey, red
  • Washington Capitals Michal Neuvirth shersey, red
  • Dallas Stars blank jersey, green
  • Washington Capitals Mike Green shersey, red
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Pierre Larouche shersey, blue
  • Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky jersey, blue
  • Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterbeg shersey, red
  • Philadelphia Flyers Jaromir Jagr shersey, orange
  • Philadelphia Flyers Chris Pronger shersey, orange
  • Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux shersey, black
  • Philadelphia Flyers Matt Read shersey, orange
  • Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin jersey, red
  • Philadelphia Flyers Sergei BOBROVSKY! shersey, orange
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Christian Ehrhoff jersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Bill Guerin jersey, white
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Brian Gibbons shersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Marcel Goc shersey, black
  • Philadelphia Flyers Mike Richards jersey, black
  • Philadelphia Flyers Marty Biron shersey, orange
  • Philadelphia Flyers Jeff Carter shersey, orange
  • Detroit Red Wings blank jersey, white
  • Philadelphia Flyers Mike Richards shersey, orange
  • Buffalo Sabres Tyler Ennis shersey, blue
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby shersey, black
  • New Jersey Devils Adam Henrique shersey, red
  • Vancouver Canucks blank jersey, blue (early 2000’s)
  • Philadelphia Flyers Peter Forsberg jersey, black
  • Mighty Ducks Adam Banks shersey, green
  • CCCP Red Army Vladislav Tretiak shersey, red
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Steve Downie shersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Chris Kunitz shersey, black
  • Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin jersey, white
  • Philadelphia Flyers Mike Richards shersey, orange
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Patric Hornqvist shersey, black
  • Washington Capitals Olie Kolzig jersey, white
  • WBS Penguins Anton Zlobin shersey, blue
  • WBS Penguins Bobby Farnham shersey, blue
  • Pittsburgh Penguins blank jersey, blue
  • Wheeling Nailers Pat McGrath shersey, black
  • Montreal Canadiens blank jersey, red
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Arron Asham shersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Evgeni Malkin jersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Jordan Staal jersey, black
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Jaromir Jagr jersey, white
  • Philadelphia Flyers Jaromir Jagr shersey, orange
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Simon Despres shersey, black
  • WBS Penguins blank jersey, black
  • Lake Erie Monsters blank jersey, red
  • Florida Panthers Jaromir Jagr shersey, red
  • UMass Lowell blank jersey, white
  • Boston Bruins blank jersey, black
  • Philadelphia Flyers Danny Briere shersey, black
  • New Jersey Devils Jaromir Jagr jersey, red
  • Team USA Hilary Knight jersey, blue
  • Team Czech Republic Jaromir Jagr jersey, red
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Phil Kessel shersey, black/90s gold
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Sergei Gonchar shersey, black
  • Halifax Highlanders Oleg Yakovlena jersey, blue
  • New York Riveters Nana Fujimoto jersey
  • Philadelphia Flyers James van Riemsdyk shersey, orange
  • Minnesota Wild blank jersey, green