Brian Wong


Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams: Impossible Planet

“Do you think you could reach God, Mister Norton?” 
“Maybe when I was a kid, I did. In fact, I used to dream I’d break into whole new universes.” 


X2 (2003)

Director - Bryan Singer, Cinematography - Newton Thomas Sigel

“You know, outside the circus, most people were afraid of me. But I didn’t hate them. I pitied them. Do you know why? Because most people will never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes.”


extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

Brian Eno - Signals / Faye Wong - Yesanpo / Fka Twigs - Water me / Yoko Ueno - Flexigons / Minnie Riperton - Minnie’s lament / Iyeoka - Baba / Lianne La Havas - Wonderful / Tweet - Heaven / f(x) - Butterfly / The Tontons - Pony / Chairlift - Cool as fire / Susumu Hirasawa - Moon time / Dead Can Dance - Yulunga / Bernard Herrmann - Twisted nerve / Goldfrapp - Pilots / Daughter - Switzerland instrumental / Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang / Mirel Wagner - Dreamt of a wave/ Odetta - Anthem of the Rainbow

The signs as Video Game High School characters

Aries: Freddy Wong

Taurus: Duchess of Kart

Gemini: Theodore Wong

Cancer: The Law

Leo: Ashley Barnstormer (left)

Virgo: Games Dean

Libra: Ernie Calhoun

Scorpio: Jenny Matrix

Sagittarius: New Law

Capricorn: Brain D

Aquarius: Drift King

Pisces: Kimberly Swan


He was 18 years old when he become the youngest ever in the world to raise $4.4 million. And he happens to be a very good friend of mine! proud of him!!