A knight returning home stops in a wood to dance with the Elfin Maid. When at last he arrives at the castle he finds it shut, silent and crumbling. He stops an old man who tells him that he has actually been away for more than 100 years. On hearing this he himself crumbles to dust.

The Elfin Maid by Brian Froud. My scan.

There are no secrets from the Knowing Faery. She knows where all things hidden are; she can find all things that we have lost. But most of all, she knows what you have hidden in your heart.
— Good Faeries Bad Faeries, by Brian Froud.

[Artwork: The Knowing Faery, by Brian Froud.]


If you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out USA Today’s scoop on the re-issue of A. C. H. Smith’s Labyrinth novelisation. Archaia also hint at having grander plans for the property.

The re-issue will feature previously unseen Brian Froud artwork and notes from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth notebook, some of which are previewed above.

What do you make of the cover? I think it’s nice, but would have preferred a facsimile of Sarah’s book.