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- wonpil? did someone say angel

- ok I have this theory about wonpil and how he would be as a boyfriend like I knOw this is true because I think about this all the time and I dream about it ok just hear me out

- I think wonpil has like a soulmate somewhere, someone that he is definitely going to be with one day and they will be like the most in love you can’t get any more in love than wonpil and his soulmate

- now let’s assume his soulmate is you

- I think you’d meet by accident like he’d bump shoulders with you as he walked past because he was one his phone or something and he’d look up to apologise

- and you’d lock eyes and wow he was absolutely gorgeous

- he’d instantly want to get to know you, I’m not saying it was love at first sight but it was like he needed to get to know you

- so he made some awful pick up line and managed to get your number before you hurried away because you were already late for work

- ok I know this soulmate thing sounds dumb but please just hear me out I promise

- anyway, after a few meetings you probably decided you really liked him and he was practically already in love with you so he’d probably ask you out and you’d say yes because hello this is wonpil we’re talking about you wouldn’t say no to your soulmate

- anyway on the the actual boyfriend bit

- dates would be spontaneous because he was always super busy so he would ring you up in the morning and tell you that you were going on a date that afternoon

- but they would be really fun dates like going to the zoo or a theme park

- occasionally you’d just have movie nights and order takeout food but he liked to spoil you and take you to fun places

- and let’s be real wonpil wanted to see the monkeys

- wearing his ugly pink jumper ironically because everyone else hates it but secretly you love it, even if it is a bit itchy

- when he goes away on tour you probably wouldn’t go with him, wonpil finds it hard to concentrate with you around because all he wants to do is be with you so you tend to stay at home

- but when he does go he always leaves a jumper or shirt for you to wear because the smell on his clothing makes you feel closer to him and makes him coming home even more worth waiting for

- you’d probably adopt some animals together to be honest

- like maybe a few dogs, a hamster and some birds???

- but then you’d be the one to look after them because wonpil is always busy but you don’t really care because animals are so cute

- wonpil is quite an open person so I feel he would be comfortable telling you when he was upset or angry or something

- and in return you trusted him equally as much

- frequent heart to heart sessions and jae would walk in to see you both crying to each other and he’d just reverse out of there because there was so emo talk going down

- you can tell wonpil anything, literally anything

- there would be times when he’d just stare at you and not say anything

- “wonpil what are you starting at?” “you’re just really beautiful I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

- and you’d probably punch his arm for being so cheesy and he’d pout all cute and innocent

- but overall, can we just take a moment, if you’re lucky enough to have wonpil as your boyfriend (soulmate) then count your blessings because you are incredibly blessed

my experience with the dads

Craig: Sweet storyline of getting reacquainted and being able to take things easy

Mat: Everytime he smiles my poor little gay heart stops. 

Brian: Makes you want to throw your character off a cliff to shut them up. Protect Daisy at all cost.

Robert: you deal with your inadequacies. I’ll be right here with you

Damien: Sweet and gentle. Also Naruto fanfiction and a MCR pun.

Hugo: He called a Kid a bitch once in a parking lot, it was awesome.

Joseph: I don’t know man, it’S a homeWreck