Breyer Horses


This is the first Customized Handpainted Breyer Flicka Deer model that I had her for years since I was a kid until now has a new change!

Her name’s “Emilia” and she has a Piebald coat. Covered with some both regular and metallic paint! I like to make her special and rarity due to the real facts that some small numbers of Deers actually have these kind of coats. (No, there is no such thing as shiny metallic coats, just regular brown and white.)


Just listed my newest Breyer custom! This is Juliet, the traditional scale Halla made over into a gorgeous white unicorn, complete with horn, cloven hooves, lion-style tail, and alllll the mohair. (And yes, the wind was blowing just right for those hair-model photo moments.) She’s looking for a new home, and you can find out more about her, as well as purchasing options, at

Breyers :(

Uhg…my stepmom hates my hobby of collecting Breyer Horses….I know, I’m getting older but I still love ‘em! My whole family classifies me as the “crazy one with horse obsessions” but they’re cool! Living in a city, they’re the closest thing I have to a real horse..I received a Peter Stone model in the mail today (an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Appy) and I mentioned the possibility of Breyerfest to her and she said “no, I think you’re done.” I wish my family shared my facination of these beautiful models..


Here is StarWilds’ sister…WildStar!
With the fabulous semi-matte purple paint in just the right shades, there totally had to be 2 horses with it. Her zebra stripes are gold instead of the bluegreen, but, like her sister (who had a touch of gold) she also has a touch of green. can you find it? (It is on her ear)
Both of these are Breyers from the same line who had haircuts. This one was also missing a leg, which has been replaced/sculpted back on. They sort of compliment each other with the poses too, so it was perfect to make sisters horses. She’s a little more into the pinks, and has a bit of hair jewelry (note the gold in the mane hairs too) with slightly shimmer-changing enamel hooves.