Tips To Make Your College Experience Cheaper

Textbook websites

  • List of websites where you can find free ebooks, specified by subject.
  • (to compare textbook prices)
  • (price comparison)
  • (offers textbook editions, like unbound ones, that are cheaper than retailers)
  • (shipping is free, as well as the shipping back to the warehouse)
  • (free e-books)
  • (searching shows the lowest price for a book)
  • (find the highest buy back site for a book)
  • (Good for English majors, discounted books shipped around the world)
  • (free digital copies of books)
  • HERE is a huge list of textbook PDFs.

Textbook tips

  • ALWAYS check to see if textbook websites have online coupons. Check outside websites like but also sign up for their email listing. They often send you a coupon for just signing up and will continually send you other coupon deals.
  • Amazon has good deals on books sometimes and they offer college students temporary free membership. Here’s a link explaining some of the details.
  • Amazon and other retailers, like Barnes and Noble also offer textbook rental. You get the book for a certain amount of time (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc., then mail it back to them.) Much cheaper than buying.
  • Some professors put textbooks on reserve in the library so you can check them out for an hour or two instead of actually buying them.
  • If your class textbooks are at the library and you need them for longer than allowed, you can always photocopy them.
  • Look for Facebook pages/groups with your school name and year, people are always posting online to get rid of their textbooks.
  • If your books are older/literature type books they are often available as e-books for free or easy to find at used bookstore or thrift stores.
  • Ask your professor after hours if you can borrow and make copies of the class textbook.
  • Many colleges use the Link+ library sharing program or something similar. If the textbook you need isn’t offered in the library, another school within the program can deliver the book for free. Ask you school’s librarians about it.
  • If you have a class that requires a “reader,” which is just a bunch of articles, you can usually find them at the school library or online.
  • Keep your textbooks in the best condition possible, so they sell for higher when you no longer need them.
  • If you can access your class list and the emails of your classmates early, ask if anyone would like to share a textbook. Split the price and share it or just ask to copy the chapters needed.

General tips

  • If you get financial aid, set it up to deposit into your own checking account because FAFSA ATMs are frustrating.
  • Check out the dollar stores for some college supplies. They have pens, notebooks, planners, etc.
  • Find upperclassmen who are moving out of their dorms/apartments, they often sell/give away items they are no longer going to be using.
  • Find out if your department offers free printing to undergrads. If yours doesn’t, find a friend whose department does.
  • Pretty much every school offers a MS Office license to students for free. It may not be well advertised but make sure to find out before paying for the programs on your own.
  • Bulk supply stores are usually cheaper.
  • Use your phone’s planner and alerts for assignments.
  • If you need energy boosts, it’s definitely cheaper to brew your own coffee and tea, then use a travel mug. But if you need to go to places like Starbucks, sign up for the Starbucks card so you can get free refills on certain items and get discounts for members only.
  • Find out what free courses your school offers and go to them instead of paying for a tutor.
  • At many universities there are conferences and talks almost daily, which often offer free lunches and dinners.
  • Some colleges offer free cab services so make sure to look into that.
  • Most school health care places give out free condoms and they are often given out at events too.
  • Besides math, older editions of textbooks are usually just fine and much cheaper.
  • Thrift stores are great if you need items for your dorm or apartment, they have appliances and offer testing areas in a section of the store.
  • Specific to Seattle: There’s a place called Seattle ReCreative and you can get school supplies for extremely cheap.
  • Check when stores offer back to school sales and get supplies then for cheaper than usual.
  • Get your syllabus as soon as possible so you can photocopy all the needed pages in textbooks.
  • Look for websites that offer similar information in the textbook, sometimes it’s explained better online, gives examples, or just generally better worded.
  • Buy school supplies during tax-free weekend.
  • Apply for as many local scholarships as possible and do it every year in college, not just freshman year.
  • Ask absolutely every place you go if they offer student discounts. Many places don’t advertise this, but will offer some kind of discount if you show your student ID.
  • Find out if your school has assistance options for lower income students.
  • HERE is a list of food budget tips, recipes, and websites to help.
  • Some classes have extra fees for whatever reason, for example they will charge more if certain equipment will be used. If it’s not a course you need, sometimes it’s better to find cheaper elective classes.
  • Consider community college to save money, and then transfer to a 4 year school. Or attend community college classes during the summer but make sure to always check if the credits transfer.
  • If you need to use a credit card, try to get on with cash back rewards. Also check which banks offer perks for students, like free checking or a no-free policy for low minimum balances.
  • Check out your college newspaper and signs around campus. You will often find information about free events or find coupons with discounts on near by businesses.
  • School supplies that don’t sell at stores like Walmart and Target are extremely discounted during the last week of August.
  • Always check if stores price check.
Divination Drinks: Teas to Aid in Divining

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Divination in all of its forms (tarot reading, tasseomancy; palmistry; pendulums, etc,.), can be quite exhausting and require large amounts of energy. These teas and tea blends will aid you in divining by enhancing your psychic power, and/or boosting your energy.

Tea Blends:

Psychic Tea (Scott Cunningham)

  • 3 parts Rose Petals
  • 1 part Cinnamon
  • 2 parts Yarrow

Brew the tea, strain it and drink a cup before performing any form of divination as this tea enhances psychic awareness.

Tea for Divination (Moura)

  • 1 tbsp China black tea
  • 2 tbsp Lemon Balm
  • 1 tbsp Rose Hips
  • 1 tbsp Mugwort*

Brew the tea, strain it and drink either before divination or sip during/throughout.


Jasmine Tea

  • Jasmine is said to induce prophetic dreams, which can aid in the growth of psychic power and psychic awareness making this tea a good choice of drink to be had before divining. 
  • Drink 1 cup of this naturally sweet and fragrant tea before sleeping the night before you wish to divine.

Vanilla Tea

  • You can brew your own or buy ready-made Vanilla tea/tea bags. Vanilla enhances psychic ability and allows the benefits of this enhancement to be better felt and absorbed. 
  • Drink Vanilla tea before and during any divination work to open yourself up and be more receptive.

Peppermint Tea

  • Peppermint tea heightens your psychic sensitivity, as well as working to clear the mind and sharpen focus. It can also be used to cleanse the mind and body of any negative energies beforehand.
  • This tea should be consumed before any psychic or divination based activities. 

Some Other Things to Consider:

Some herbal tea blends may not be to your taste but this can be remedied by adding honey to taste. 

Other herbs, such as Cinnamon, are used to add oomph to magick and can be added to tea blends and teas to do just that. If you don’t want to add pre-ground and grainy Cinnamon to your drinks, you can use a Cinnamon stick to stir instead. This will add the oomph you’re after without altering the taste too much.
If you want to make your brew even more potent, stir clockwise. This adds positive energy to your tea.

[* = This herb is harmful to pregnant or nursing women!]

Best Man coming in hot!! Bachelor party time and I am all over that – this is the type of stuff your boy lives for.  Barry’s only request was to keep it a low key night which at first I balked at because you gotta go big for your last night with your boys but then I remembered… Barry fights crime twenty-four seven – the words Netflix and chill are not in his vocabulary, therefore, I decided to oblige on his request – which only gave me the light bulb for a much, much bigger and better idea to help Barry chill out…

To make him the ultimate cocktail – the special kind that gets speedsters a good buzz.  I sometimes think about how Barry hasn’t had a drink in over four years after everything he’s been through – Reverse Flash?  Savitar?  Iris’ impending death – I mean c’mon!!! While H.R. was downing java last year I would go home and kick back with a stiff drink…

Thus my little science experiment was born which basically started with making my own special beverage.  I consulted Dr. Stein who basically gave me the instructions to make my own moonshine with a scientific twist.  I boiled the water at 165 degrees and dropped some cornmeal to stir in and then I had to drop the temperature, mix in some sugar, yeast, and an enzyme I concocted that would be able to hold the buzz over a long period of time.  The process was timely so kids don’t try this at home but I actually liked mixing the ingredients and watching it ferment … I wonder how hard it is to brew your own beer?  Note to look into that later…

I wanted to test my beautiful creation so I dropped Wally a text asking if I could breach it over.  He said he was in a chill state already and didn’t need the pick me up – whatever that means…

So, it’s locked and loaded for safe keeping until dinner.  The reservation for dinner is set.  I can almost taste the sweet flavor of a bacon wrapped rib-eye!  I splurged for some pricey cigars that my uncle highly recommended – cheers to the best night ever!  Best Man, baby!

Heya ! I’m Farren, gc2b’s fairly new Aesthetic Medic (read: graphic designer) (…read: weird art kid). I’m 19, & I’m nonbinary, pan, & polyamorous. I have various storms crackling about in my brain. My pronouns are they/them/theirs/theirself or one/one/ones/oneself.⠀
Being trans feels paradoxical sometimes. Between our bodies, heads, & hearts, we are many things at once. Being trans involves being giving—uniting as a community & lifting one another up; keeping open hearts & minds so that we may recognize & support each other on our journeys. Being trans also involves being selfish—standing firm in the knowledge that your body, identity, presentation, pronouns, names, your unique talents & dreams & feelings, are all YOURS & yours alone. We proudly take ownership of all we are !⠀
I am still learning how to be so much at once. Mental illness & neurodivergence are obstacles in my path. For a long time, I felt alone. It saddens me that this is a common experience for trans people, & that our burdens often go unnoticed. I promise that no matter what tempests you’ve got brewing in your own mind, you are not alone. To my fellow trans artists: Keep expressing yourselves ! Never be afraid to push limits or make yourself heard. This goes for being trans AND for being an artist. Delight in your voice. Delight in your yourself.⠀
I am indebted to & inspired by the trans people who have come before me, & my sincerest thanks go out to them for laying a hard-won but firm foundation so that I can live such an amazing life. It’s especially essential to lift up more marginalized members of our community, & to educate one another on all forms of intersectionality, celebrating our diversity.⠀
Remember: you are a beautiful paradox ! Best wishes on your voyage ⛵️✈️🚀 from the bottom of my heart !!! ❤️💛💚💙💜⠀
━━━━ ★ ━━━━⠀

List of Herbs That Treat HERPES

Here is a great list I am compiling for those of you fellow herpes sufferers who are looking for natural or herbal alternatives to acyclovir (Valtrex, Famivir, etc.) for preventing herpes outbreaks as well as treating sores that have already emerged. 

*These methods do not necessarily work for everyone, and there is skepticism among some medical personnel regarding the safety or effectiveness of these treatments. You may want to consult an herbalist or naturopath before beginning treatment. This being said, I have tried nearly every herbal remedy listed here  on my own risk and have not experienced side effects*


Coconut oil- if you’re not already an advocate for Coconut oil in general, i HIGHLY recommend you include this magic substance in your life! Coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, and alongside promoting healthy teeth, skin, organs and hair when taken orally, it is also an analgesic and anti-inflammatory when applied topically to wounds. The Lauric acid in coconut oil is thought to ward off, fight and prevent replication of the Herpes simplex Virus. I recommend using it daily in cooking, as a moisturizer, and of course, topically to cold sores and genital OBs to soothe the area and promote healing.


Olive Leaf Extract- One of the first herbal treatments I tried. Research suggests that olive leaf may be a true antiviral compound because it appears to selectively block an entire virus-specific system in the infected host. It then appears to offer healing effects not addressed by pharmaceutical antibiotics. Olive leaf’s broad killing power includes an ability to interfere with critical amino acid production for viruses; an ability to contain viral infection and/or spread by inactivating viruses by preventing virus shredding, budding or assembly at the cell membrane; and the ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication. I usually take 30-60 drops daily during the onset of an OB (prodrome phase) and it can prevent the sore from even surfacing. I continue this treatment for the duration of a cold sore, should one appear.


Essential Oils- Many people believe in the healing powers of essential oils for different purposes. They are commonly used for aromatherapy, to promote relaxation and improve sinus congestion. For herpes, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil have been said to be effective in soothing the sores for pain relief, as well as promoting faster healing.



Raw Honey-  Some studies have shown that the microbial activity in RAW, unprocessed, unfiltered honey, can have antiviral properties and fight off herpes simplex from replicating when applied topically. These studies show that participants who applied raw honey topically several times daily had improvement in their outbreak as fast, or faster, than the prescription treatment acyclovir or the OTC treatment Abreva! I recommend Manuka honey, as it has hundreds of strains of beneficial bacteria. Raw honey can also draw fluid away from the sore, reducing swelling, redness, chafing and potential discomfort or pain. 


Echinacea and Goldenseal-  These herbs are commonly paired in herbal supplements because they work wonders together to prevent sickness. Echinacea boosts your immune system, helping your body fight off the herpes virus, while goldenseal is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral herb. These can be taken orally as tablets, pills or tinctures, but also come in some topical products.  These are great to use at the first symptom. Echinacea also comes in tea, which is delicious with a spoonful of raw honey.

CAUTION: Echinacea can increase the effects of stimulant medications (such as those used to treat ADHD, CFS or Narcolepsy) and other CNS stimulants including caffeine. Consult a doctor if you take stimulants. Goldenseal should not be taken an excess of 1-2 weeks at a time and may cause upset stomach. Take with food or find topical ointment. 


Green tea: Green tea can boost your immune system and help your body fight off herpes virus if your body contains enough of the active compounds (You must drink a LOT of green tea each day for this method to work).  Drink your tea strong, with raw honey. The iced green tea they sell that contains mostly water, citric acid and high fructose corn syrup will NOT cut it here. Always brew your own tea so you know how concentrated it is. Using tea bags is also effective, as some tea including black tea, contains tannins which are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. 


L-Lysine: If you’ve had herpes for a bit, you should already know the theories behind Lysine and arginine, two compounds found in varieties of food. Arganine has been linked to increase in risk for OBs, being a trigger for many people. Arganine rich foods include nuts and legumes. Lysine works to possibly prevent OBs and speed up the healing process if the sores have already emerged. Usually taken as an herbal supplement orally, but can also be found in topical treatments.


Beeswax:  Going along with the raw honey idea, Propolis is a compound made by honeybees which is contained in beeswax. Clinical studies have shown that propolis healed herpes sores faster than acyclovir!  Thanks bees! We love you! Many lip creams/ointments use beeswax as a primary ingredient.


Lemon Balm- One of the most effective herbal remedies for herpes. It has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which helps in healing the sores or blisters.  You can make tea and apply it using cotton swabs, take a tincture daily, or purchase it in the form of topical creams and ointments. 


Corn Starch- Simple right? It seems that applying corn starch to a herpes sore helps keep it dry, drawing fluid away from the wound. This can reduce inflammation, swelling and redness, and prevent chafing. This promotes faster healing as well as soothing discomfort or pain.


Vitamin C: Everybody knows Vitamin C boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy body. It’s found in citrus fruit such as oranges but often taken as a supplement in tablet or tincture form, or as a drink mix (emergen- C). Taking vitamin C regularly can prevent Herpes outbreaks as well as help fight them when they emerge

CAUTION: Vitamin C may cause upset stomach if taken without food. Though unlikely, In extremely high doses, vitamin C has shown to be an abortifacient by promoting uterine contractions and preventing embryonic implantation (pregnancy). Consult your doctor before taking vitamin C supplements if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. 


Ultimately, I recommend a combination of these herbal treatments. You should certainly do more research before going out and buying these products, just to see what will work for you.  Some herbs can interact with certain medications or substances, so please be aware of this before beginning treatment. See a naturopath or herbal specialist at your local supplement shop or health food store. Most people employed in the store sections with herbal supplements know at least a bit about their properties and uses. 

Send me an inbox, as well, if you’re interested in knowing how these treatments worked for me personally. I do not take acyclovir for my oral outbreaks anymore! 

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Are you still writing? If so, are you still taking requests? Because I have a feeling that I need to read some Harry angst where he comforts you when you cry and how he hates that his angel is upset please and thank you

the feelings described here are from my own experiences only and do not necessarily represent the emotions that a sad or depressed person might feel. 

When you see someone crying, you get the overwhelming instinct to ask them what is wrong. And they usually reply with a reasonable explanation. A justification of their tears. A loved one passed away. A failed exam. Something that makes you go ohh, okay. 

But what happens when you see someone crying, and you ask them why, and they don’t respond. Or worse, what if you ask Why are you crying? and they reply with I have no idea. What then? You are forced to comfort them while you bathe silently in your own brewing pot of curiosity. 

The same pot of curiosity that now stirs itself furiously in Harry’s mind as he sees you curled up on the bathroom floor. He had just come home from the studio, and was calling out your name when he finds you there. Lying on your side. Tears streaming down your cheeks.

“I don’t know what happened,” you confess as he traces gentle circles on your back. He gently folds his arms around your fragile frame. “I just…I think I was just listening to music and…and suddenly I was struck with this–” your breath catches in your throat and you feel another urge to let out a cry. 

Harry’s eyebrows are knitted together in concern, and his lips are parted with worry. You push on, “I was struck with this sudden weight on my chest…and this loneliness and this distinct awareness that…that no matter what I do, I’m going to die anyways and it doesn’t matter one bit. Nothing matters.”

“Don’t say that,” Harry hisses. You look up into his green eyes as he continues, “Of course you matter. Everything you do does. And yes, we will all die one day, but what you’re leaving behind is what matters. What you leave behind for our children.”

You blink up at him, stunned at his response. You had never thought of it that way before. “The goal,” Harry adds, “isn’t to live forever. It’s to create something that does.”

This makes you smile. “You definitely stole that from some famous person,” you laugh, and he nods, a little embarrassed. Then you say, in a quiet voice, “You never told me you wanted to have kids with me.”

He grins, “Well, I thought it was self-explanatory considering you are the love of my life.”

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Look you can't do this to me. I should be paying attention in class and all I can think about is Eurotrash footballer Bucky and that beautiful gold back chain on Sam as a God.

(setting aside eurotrash bucky for one hot second, let’s talk more about the gold back chain in question)

Bucky probably shouldn’t, if he’s being honest with himself.

It’s just— it’s so easy. They’ve really made it easy to buy things nowadays—get Steve talking about the evils of late-stage consumer capitalism and you’ll wish you hadn’t right about the moment he draws in his third deep breath and starts on landfills and designed obsolescence—but comparative to the days Bucky had to scrimp for weeks just to buy a goddamn shirt and had a choice of exactly two colors, he ain’t complaining. He really likes internet shopping, is the thing. He’s still not sleeping much, and in the long, quiet stretches late at night, deep in the vortex of wikipedia and youtube and some personal shopping market called etsy, he finds himself buying things just for the novelty of it. Hand-thrown pottery coffee mugs. Little shards of crystal he thinks Wanda might like. Books, fuck, so many books, and soft handspun yarn, dyed a deceptively subtle shade of grey. Turns out Bucky likes to knit, and if nothing else, it’s good PT for the new arm. 

Nobody’s said anything, yet, about the charges on the credit card, and so Bucky clicks past a brew-your-own-ginger-beer kit, a linen apron, an artisanal soy lavender and ylang ylang candle, whatever the fuck that means, and then he sees it.

His breath catches in the back of his throat as he imagines how the gold would gleam against Sam’s dark skin, how it’d span his broad shoulders. It’d be a little like wings, he thinks abstractly, it’d— fuck, it’d be beautiful, and before he knows it he’s added the necklace to the cart and checked out, a hundred and seventy three dollars poorer and all of a sudden yearning for Sam’s warmth against him. They don’t share a room; between Bucky’s fragmented sleep schedule and both their night terrors, they’d be waking each other up most of the time, but Bucky’s crept into Sam’s room often enough to know he can do it now, that Sam will roll over and murmur soft and sleepy, will tug Bucky’s arm until it’s wrapped around Sam’s ribs and Bucky’s chest is pressed against Sam’s back all the way down Sam’s spine. And that’s what he does now, crawls into bed and pulls the blankets back up over the both of them, brushes a kiss to the nape of Sam’s neck and lets himself breathe him in, falling asleep in the span of a moment.

He forgets, entirely, about his latest purchase, until four days later a package arrives.

“You ordering more shit online?” Sam asks, tossing it to him, and Bucky blinks as he catches it. “What is it this time, more personalized fridge magnets?”

“That was one time,” Bucky mutters, because when the package of scrabble-tile fridge magnets had arrived, Bucky had wound up with SAM and STEVE-O and BINKY spelled out across his arm in less than half an hour. “Shit, I dunno, I think I was asleep on the internet again.”

“You’re trouble,” Sam tells him, and Bucky tears open the bubblewrap bag, blinks in confusion at the delicate gold chains spilling out into his hands. “Oh, that’s pretty. What is it? For Wanda? Natasha?”

“No,” Bucky says, remembering suddenly. Smiles at Sam, chews his lip. “It’s, uh. For you. If you— you don’t have to, if you think it’s dumb, I just thought…”

“Give it, Barnes,” Sam demands. Takes the jewelry from Bucky, holds it up. Smiles slow and very sweet. “Okay, I’d say you shouldn’t have, but I’d be lying, because this is gorgeous. You really bought it for me?”

“I thought it’d look good on you,” Bucky shrugs.

It does. It really, really does.

“I might never take it off,” Sam says thoughtfully, looking at himself in the mirror. He tilts his head to the side and lets his eyes fall half-closed, all sultry long lashes and full lips and skin glowing under the delicate gold. Bucky kisses the side of his throat. Traces his fingers over the round of Sam’s shoulder, the cool metal and warm skin.

“Don’t,” he says, breathless, “it’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous,” and Sam’s smile gets wider, softer, impossibly more tender. It’s worth it, Bucky thinks; it’s all worth it, and he cannot believe he’s this lucky, day after beautiful day.

Mornings With You

Pairing:  Loki x Reader

Warnings:  Fluff, A little Thor x Sif (Sorry not sorry)

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

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Mornings With You

You woke up earlier than Loki, as usual.  You had married him 3 months ago and still haven’t quite adjusted to Asgard, still having the habit of waking up nice and early.  Loki still had his arms tightly wrapped around you, a small smile managing to linger on his face.  You gently crawled out of his grasp and got ready.  You left your silk night gown on and brushed your hair.  

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OKAY SO: The Hogwarts prompt was the only one I’d started before this week, and after I saw the genius idea from @letswreakhavoc to make every day a smut day, I abandoned the long and rambly thing I’d started (Alex needing a time turner) and changed it to this. Ultimately, though, I decided against doing smut everyday, but this is still the Hogwarts fic I have.

That said: my friends, I just couldn’t do smut at Hogwarts, even when they’re adults. If anyone has seen my AO3, which is literally nothing but filthy sanvers smut, you know I don’t usually shy away from it, but these two topics are just in two totally separate parts of my brain and I couldn’t bring myself to write them together (but I’m impressed that he did! And our ideas were similar). But here’s the lead up to it, if you’re interested.

There was a decidedly more adult air about the cabin of this particular journey on the Hogwarts Express. Instead of shuttling young witches and wizards off to school, the train was overstuffed with adults – laughing and reminiscing – back to Hogwarts for alumni weekend.

Loud laughter spilled out of the first compartment when the trolley witch opened the door. “Anything off the trolley, dears?”

“Yes!” Alex exclaimed a little too loudly, as the group of friends had started their day at the hotel bar attached to King’s Cross. “We’ll start with shots of firewhiskey and… give us a round of rum and pumpkin juice to go along with it. Please.”

The witch sitting next to her holding her hand pointed to Kara. “And she’ll take all the pumpkin pasties you have.” Maggie turned to rest of the compartment and continued, “I always have plenty of gold in my pocket when Kara is with us.”

Winn piped up, “you guys, let’s get some chocolate frogs, too, just like we did the first time we were on the train together!”

James laughed, threw up his hands up in mock embarrassment, and asked for chocolate frogs for everyone.

When the witch moved on the next compartment with her trolley considerably lighter, Maggie let go of Alex’s hand to raise her shot glass. “To going home,” she said.

Everyone gave her a smile, knowing that Hogwarts was the first place she truly felt at home. After her dad had kicked her out of the house, the castle was the only place where she could truly be home; the family she made there was the one who loved her for exactly who she was instead of who they wanted her to be.

“To going home,” the rest of the group repeated, holding their glasses aloft and knocking back the firewhiskey in one go.

“Shit, that burns,” Vasquez choked out, shaking her head a little.

“Wait, Susan, you’re the one who brewed your own beer in the first-floor girls’ bathroom in our fifth year!” Kara exclaimed.

“And used that aging potion to make yourself look old enough to buy firewhiskey in Hogmeade,” added James.

She grabbed Lucy’s hand and smiled, “yeah well we’re an old married couple now, we don’t do that kind of thing much anymore.”

Lucy smiled back before turning towards the group. “Did I ever tell you guys that Susan and I used to sneak out of the castle through that passageway behind the suit of armor that leads to the Shrieking Shack?”

“What??” Winn said incredulously. “Lucy, you were Head Girl! I can’t believe you snuck out like that!”

Lucy raised her eyebrows and gave a wicked grin. “Why do you think the Shack got so loud again our seventh year?”

Vasquez flushed with embarrassment as the cabin exploded with shouts and whoops from the friends.

“Wait, guys, check this out!” Winn shouted excitedly as he pointed to the card in his hand. “Alex! You’re on the chocolate frog card!”

“Pffftt, no way,” she said, waiving him off.

“I’m serious! Listen to this: ‘Famous for discovering a thirteenth of dragon’s blood, for her bravery fighting dark wizards, and for her Herbology work cross-pollinating breeds of plants to create new, protective species, Alex Danvers achieved the rank of both Auror and Healer by age 25. When she’s not riding her flying motorcycle, she enjoys jumping off buildings and has the world’s record for holding her breath underwater.’”

Maggie beamed with pride. “Babe! That’s amazing. Let’s see what picture they used.” She looked down at the card to see a picture of her wife, her head turned to the side and winking, smiling back up at her.

By the time they got into the castle, they were all considerably more sober, the trolley witch having long since sold out of her stores of both drinks and snacks (thanks to a third round by Kara).

They mingled in the Great Hall, catching up with old friends and former teachers before they decided to take a nostalgic walk through the halls.

They walked hand in hand until a familiar portrait – of one woman serenading another, clearly in love – brought back certain memories for Maggie.

“Babe, do you realize how long it’s been since we had sex in this castle?”

“Maggie! Shhh! Someone could hear you.”

“Relax, Alex, no one is around.” She looked around to confirm that she was right and pushed Alex gently against a wall, leaning her body close. “Come on, just once for old times’ sake?”

Alex laughed. “Oh yeah, and where do you propose we do this?”

Maggie’s eyes narrowed as her expression slowly changed from a slight smirk into a wide, knowing grin.

Alex understood immediately.

“No. Way.”


“No. No. We are not using the Room of Requirement to have sex in this castle!”
Maggie raised her eyebrows and grabbed Alex by the hand, pulling her into a slight run. “The hell we’re not.”

Maggie practically skipped all the way to the seventh floor, pulling Alex by the hand, stopping in front of the familiar tapestry on the wall opposite of their destination.

“Do you want to open it or should I?” Maggie asked.

“I can’t fucking believe we’re even considering this.”

“Okay, well I guess it’ll be me then.” Clearing her throat and taking a step away from Alex, Maggie closed her eyes and focused on what they needed. She mumbled under her breath and walked back and forth three times in front of the empty wall until a door appeared out of nowhere. Maggie turned the knob and opened it, motioning for Alex to go in. “After you.”

Alex looked around expectantly as she entered the room, surprised that it was smaller than she’d ever seen it before. The lights were low and a king bed sat in the middle of the far wall, covered with thick cotton sheets and an army of pillows. “Wow, the castle really wants us to get laid,” she remarked.

“Um, yeah,” Maggie said, pointing to a small bedside table covered with various accessories. “I think the castle really wants us to get laid.”

Amortentia (Ashton/4)

Hello again! Nearly three months since @0kbutmichaelclifford hosted her Hogwarts!5SOS Blurb night and I’m still thinking about this concept! Never enough Hogwarts!5SOS if you ask me… I hope you’ll enjoy the 6k+ (I know, but apparently I don’t get the definition of a blurb!) of Hogwarts!Ashton below. Let me know what you think? 

1. Potions Class

You’re yawning when you walk into the dungeon, following your housemates into the Sixth Year Potions class. It’s Monday morning, first class of the new semester and it seems as if both Gryffindors and Slytherins alike have a lot to share with their friends.

The Hogwarts Express had pulled into Hogsmeade Station on Saturday evening, bringing back the students who’d gone home over Christmas break, and clearly most inter-House friends hadn’t had a chance to catch up yet. The chatter is loud, but somehow still quiet; alerting you that something’s missing. You revel in the extra couple of moments without the worst sound known to you: The Giggle. You rest your head on your table, cushioned by your bag, while you count your blessings of some extra Ashton Irwin-free moments on top of the Ashton Irwin-free day yesterday.

(According to the rumor mill, Irwin visited family abroad over break and had been unable to catch the train back. He’d arrived late Sunday evening, after curfew, and the late hour had kept him from showing his face in the Slytherin Common Room to visit two of his sidekicks: Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, two of your Fifth Year housemates.)

Alas, your luck eventually runs out and Irwin shows up for class. Fortunately for you, so does Professor Slughorn and the old man doesn’t waste time: after hurriedly greeting the group of students, he beckons you all to the front of the class where several cauldrons are stood simmering. Many of your classmates are greedily breathing in the intoxicating fumes wafting off the unidentified potions and you roll your eyes: how did these idiots even make it to N.E.W.T. level Potions when they pull stunts like sniffing potentially toxic vapors?

One cauldron, obviously attracting the most attention from your fellow students, is soon identified: the way the people surrounding you are gluttonously breathing in the fumes makes it easy. Slughorn points at you to explain the potion to your peers. (You’re not surprised by it: both you and your class have already made peace with your role as Slughorn’s star pupil.)

“That’s Amortentia, the world’s most dangerous love potion.” You start. You hear someone scoffing and you don’t need to look to identify the person: Ashton Irwin has never dealt well with being second-best. You glare at him and he sticks out his tongue. Shaking off his childishness, you continue explaining.

“The potion causes the drinker to grow an infatuation with the one who administered it. Beware: it is not love; the potion needs to keep being fed to the drinker if one wants the effects to last. The mother-of-pearl sheen and the spiraling steam are two of its most noticeable characteristics. Also, the potion smells differently to every individual, depending on what that person finds attractive.”

“Very good, Miss Y/L/N,” Professor Slughorn praises. “5 points for Slytherin. Care to share what you smell? For the sake of this class, of course.”

Professor Slughorn winks at you and you grin. Before you can answer however, someone else shares their input. (You’d be more surprised if he hadn’t opened his mouth.)

“Allow me to guess, Professor,” You have to hand it to the kid, though: he never did keep his distaste for you under the teachers’ radar. “Y/N is a complicated person, after all. No one really knows whether she comes from a long line of Acromantulas or Dementors…”

You interrupt him, ever so politely, but with a tone as poisonous as your supposed ancestors. “It’s not so much an ‘or’-matter, Irwin, as it is an ‘and’-matter. And don’t worry, you can’t please either one of my bloodlines despite your valiant efforts of being noticed. Not the Dementor one, since you already are a sad excuse of a human being and not the Acromantula one either, since I’ve never seen someone as tasteless as yourself.”

You smile finely at him, your classmates sniggering behind their hands, and Irwin’s right eye twitches. (You mentally congratulate yourself: the eye-twitch was always the ultimate end to your feuds. It usually only takes one more push before Irwin starts blowing things up, throws hexes your way, and inevitably lands himself in detention for another week. Call it one of your talents, if you will.)

“I’ll keep it short,” You turn back to Professor Slughorn and the man gives you a wry smile, still somewhat keeping an eye on a probably less-than-amused Irwin. “I smell the Quidditch Pitch, vanilla candles and the waxy scent of the vinyl Muggle records I collect.”

“Very well, my dear,” The old man excitedly claps his hands and shoos everyone back to their worktables. “Now it’s your turn: 2 hours ‘til the end of class. Should be just enough time for you to brew your own Amortentia. Ingredients are in the supply closet like always. Samples are left in a named vial at the front of the class in the panniers for your House and the remainder of your potion should be Vanished before you leave the classroom. Best of luck to you!”

The remainder of the class progresses without much difficulties (other than the occasional smart remark from Irwin). By the end of the two hours, you bring your sample to the front like instructed.

While you’re busy doing so however, someone else casts a Notice-Me-Not-charm on themselves and manages to steal a sample of your potion before you can empty out your cauldron. They’re careful not to swap your scantling with theirs when leaving theirs in the basket full of Gryffindor vials and hastily exiting the dungeon…

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One day someone is going to love you the same way the sun loves the earth, burning so bright it lights the entire world. Burning so hot it warms the soil. And I hope that this person is yourself. I hope you kiss yourself goodnight and I hope you brew your own coffee. I hope you wash the dirt off and pat your own back at the end of the day because at the end of the day, you did this, just you. No one kept you from that cliff from yourself. At the end of the day , all you have is you. No one got you out of bed and no one thought you through the day, but you.
So please, love yourself, love yourself so bright it lights up the room your in. Love yourself so hot it warms the hearts of people around you. Craft your self love into a fire so fierce that not even water could put it out and maybe. Just maybe, the princess can save herself for once.

-Save Yourself by Shelby Riddle (via @shelbyfxithh)
Fart God's Part 1

The morning Liam received his invitation was the morning that Liam’s life of solitude was forever broken.

Groggily stumbling over to the first letter he’d recieved in weeks after his roommate’s escaped, Liam was unsurprisingly shocked at the fanciful nature of the letter requesting him to meet the taxi which would apparently be arriving later that day.

Liam wondered why anyone would want him anywhere outside his house where he decided to quarantine himself after the rude remarks his ex-roommates left him with. Looking over the letter again Liam decided that he might as well check out what it was about since all his links to the outer world had been cut and maybe it could have something to do with helping his problem.

Preparing a breakfast of a few boiled eggs on toast seasoned with garlic powder Liam leaned onto the counter to let out the first of many farts he would no doubt release on that day. This was what Liam saw as his blessing and his curse.

The pleasure of releasing his noxious flatulence into an area was unrivalled and as all people know but refuse to admit: being surrounded in the stinking aura of your own brew can bring a sense of pride Liam revels in. However the pure power of his gas has left him abandoned by any friends family and even partners he’s ever had in the past and having to live in solitude at the age of only 18 has greatly influenced him.

Hastily consuming his breakfast he heard the a car pulling up outside and grabbed the bag and headed for the door. He looked back inside about to open the door wondering when he’d return to the house his parents paid for in an effort to get him to leave and thought of the roommates they hired for company for him which fled after just a couple days of putting up with him. Resisting the sense of abandonment creeping up on him he closed the door behind him.

Waiting for him just outside was a man who looked like a butler who bowed deeply as his eyes caught Liam’s. The pure attractiveness of the well groomed man instantly made Liam self conscious at his disheveled dark brown hair and also feel short despite only being a few inches shorter than the man at around 5'10.

Holding back a choke the butler exclaimed:

“My employers have requested me to bring ‘Master’ Liam to the meeting place as quickly as possible so if you could please follow me to the car it would be much appreciated”

Liam was borderline disappointed following the man tentatively at the butler’s reaction to his natural smell hoping he would be prepared for it but obviously he had underestimated the pure stink radiating from Liam. Catching up to the man opening the door Liam asked:

“Am i ever going to get any explanation about this? Am I going to be safe?”

Holding back laughter the butler replied:

“Don’t worry Master Liam all will be explained in good time and you are going to be looked after with the utmost care”

Shocked again at the formality of the butler but also a little intimidated by the stifled laugh, Liam decided to get in the car. The first thing Liam noticed after the decadence of the black car was the lack of dividers between the front where the butler was driving and the back where Liam had spread himself in an attempt for comfort. Despite the embaressment it would probably cause him Liam could not resist the pressure building up inside him and the chance at establishing his skill to the butler was worth it.

After a few minutes driving smoothly in the car Liam leaned over letting his prominent as lean to one side aimed at the butler in the front and he pushed out effortlessly a loud but short blast of eggy fumes. In the mirror he could see the nameless butler make eye contact with him before he could hear an audible inhale from the front seat.

“Well it is as i expected but better, Master Liam your gas is almost as bad as i was warned but if I may admit it doesn’t affect me in the way that you have previously experienced”

Shocked Liam blushed and stuttered a combination of an apology and gratitude. He has to let out a few more silent blasts during the rest of the journey and despite the initial embaressment, he grew to enjoy the stink the car was beginning to possess and the butler seemed to agree. If Liam had the confidence he used to have he would have probably tried to make a move on the butler but his lack of restricted him with past memories of men walking out on him due to his smell or even worse when they pass out and he has to wait for them to wake up to walk away.

The car finally pulled over in front of what looked to Liam like a large cathedral. Leaving the butler with the gift of another gas blast he picked up his backpack and got out on the gravel only for the car to drive away around behind the church and out of sight.

With no guide of any sort in sight Liam started to walk up the stairs leading to the grand door at the entrance. He was halfway up before he heard an long unmistakable ripping sound from behind him which made him a little shocked that someone else could have a power of gas to rival his own.

Turning around he saw a guy standing at the bottom of the stairs with a look of relief on his face and his leg slightly raised. He made eye contact with the stranger noticing his tall build and almost black hair and smirk on his face as he worked out that the smell of his gas was just just about to reach Liam. The smell shocked Liam as he thought it was almost as bad as his but it had more of a strong cheesy smell instead of Liam’s eggy flatulence. Just as he began to cough the slightly older boy looking around 19 caught up to Liam laughing a bit.

“I hope you’ve become well acquainted with my gas you better get used to it soon it’s pretty much a constant for me…..but do you have any idea why we’re here?”

Just as Liam was about to stutter out an answer the doors up ahead opened.

(Hope y'all liked it, wrote this about a month ago and thought it would be worth putting it up here)

Nearly 5 am

Prompted by a not so recent tweet from Todd 

read it on Ao3

The fall had arrived sooner than expected in Brooklyn this year. The streets were wet and slippery from the continuous rainy nights, and the air smelled like fish and the dirty water from the Hudson river. The walk back from the Institute had seemed like a good idea at the time, but the wind was harsh and carried traces of drizzling rain with it. Needless to say, Alec’s gear was soaked by the time he arrived at the loft. 

It was little past 4 am when he stepped through the now familiar feel of Magnus’ wards and quietly slipped in the front door. The entryway and the rest of the loft was completely dark, only the faint lights of the Manhattan skyline visible through the curtains by the balcony. Alec toed off his boots, swung his jacket over the nearest chair to let it dry off and headed for the bedroom. 

The faint sound of running water and music playing grew louder as he neared the bedroom and Alec huffed out a silent laugh. He blamed the receding effect of the awareness rune that he hadn’t heard it when he stepped into the loft moments ago. He stripped out of his damp clothes, pulled on a nightshirt and sat down on the bed in his boxers. Facing the joined bathroom he leaned forward, elbows on his knees and rested his head in his hands.

“Alexander, is that you?”

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runaway | drabble

pairing: reader x jungkook

rating: pg [angst]

word count: ~990


a/n: This one is for one of my best friends who unfortunately (for her) did not specify genre and therefore we have ended up with angst rip rip rippp

drabble game m.list || m a s t e r l i s t

“all i know is i can’t stop thinking about you.”

Originally posted by sugutie

Your foot tapped incessantly on the carpeted floors of the train, your eyes shifting from the window to your feet to the seat across from you. The rough material of your backpack was all you had to hold onto as you wondered if any of this was the right decision. You wished the train would start moving already so you didn’t have to sit here, brewing with your own thoughts. The whole ordeal made you feel nauseous anyway. You weren’t one for change, and now you were packing up and running away from the city, a decision you had made hardly a week ago. That’s why you were almost speechless when Jeon Jungkook of all people was running through the isles of the train, panting frantically with searching eyes before he found you. You stood up, baffled at his presence.

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Honey & Venom || Slytherin!Tom

pairing: Slytherin!Tom x Hufflepuff!OC
warnings: language
word count: 3.5k
a/n: I straight up evil cackled as I wrote this lmao. ENJOY!!!11!1

P.s. to all you lovely readers, what house do you belong in? I wanna know for um…science reasons….slash potential HP//Holland bois moodboard reasons. ;))))

parts: [ 1 | 2 |3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ]


Pear wood and unicorn hair, 12 inches, surprisingly swishy. Harry admired Oswin’s golden-toned wand with great curiosity. It was a rather charming looking thing. Despite being decorated with teeth marks around the middle (she often stuck the thing in her mouth when she was multitasking), it was still blotched with wood marks and growth rings from the tree it was crafted from. With a single flourish of her wand her lunch and books set themselves back in her leather shoulder bag.

“I like yours more, to be honest,” She said, looking down at his wand. Holly and phoenix feather, a rather rare and strange combination, much like the boy himself. “You know they work most happily for those who intend on going on a deep spiritual quest…”

The boy let out a scoff as the two walked down the corridor side by side, admiring each other’s wands.

“Mine’s alright,” He said passingly, “I like yours more, and Frankie’s too to be honest. His is—”

“Poplar and dragon heartstring, 11½ inches,” She answered with a faint giggle, “His is very reliant. Poplars are always happiest when working with a witch or wizard of clear moral vision.”

The two of them let out an airy scoff, Harry smiling a crooked smile as they took another right down the hall. “So, plants and wandlore. Anything else you know everything about?”

Oswin reached over and gently punched him in the arm. “Shut up. They go hand-in-hand, really. Trees are plants too…Mr. Ollivander helped a great deal in a section of my dad’s book, actually…”

Harry gave an understanding nod and a light wave as he saw a few of his housemates walk past. “…I read his book, by the way.”

Oswin stopped walking for a second and looked at him, alarmed. “You didn’t.”

“I did!” He assured her with a laugh, “Well started to, anyway. I borrowed it off Hermione…I told you I needed help with Herbology.”

She looked at him with a slight frown and the scent of dogbane wafted from her braids. Harry knew what was on her mind at once. “It’s a really good book, Oz. Really. You should be proud of him.”

“…I-I am,” She insisted, her eyes falling to her dirty sneakers as they continued to walk along, “It’s just…”

“…It’s just Holland and Malfoy giving you grief,”

“No! N-Not really,” Her lips twisted to the side a little, “…Just Malfoy, I guess.”

Harry looked at his good friend with a crooked smile and gently took her hand in his. “Well…I hate to say it, but it’s only going to get worse next class.”

The girl rolled her eyes and gently nudged him in the shoulder. He wasn’t wrong. Even though they were in the same class, so was an even bigger group of Slytherins. When the bell rang for their afternoon Potions class, they walked the familiar path down toward the dungeon classroom.

“You’ll have my back?” She asked as they stood outside the wooden door.

Harry gave a solid nod and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.


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