Black Femme Witches Brew
We have awakened.

If y’all have been rocking with me from the beginning, you might have seen me mention the black femmes I hang out and practice healing rituals with. Well guess what? We now have a website, a facebook page, and a zine so we can include all of you beautiful black women and femmes! This is a safe space for you, for me, for us. Come thru and check us out or like our page on FB. Here’s a little more about us directly from our website:

Witches Brew was birthed in Washington DC as a magical gathering for black, femme/feminine of center beings. Every month we gather to create, uplift, dream, and inspire. We teach, we learn, we laugh/sing/cry/pray/chant/talk/dance/play our way through topics ranging from moon magic and twerking to divination and Goddess work.

The website and magazine is an extension of the Witches Brew collective, a virtual space that seeks to increase visibility and unify our voices and our work as creators, healers, and visionaries.

Much gratitude is given for all of the support and love that has continued to breathe life into this project.

In love, light, and co-creation,

Black Femme Witches Brew


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