Brew and View

Brew and View Wedding Crashers Contest

Back on April 25th we announced the Brew and View event at Stage AE with Samuel Adams. Now we are thrilled to announce a contest to go along with it. Do you remember the rules from Wedding Crashers? For example rule #93: Only take one car. You’ll never know when you’ll have to make a fast escape. Well, somethings have changed since that list was made and we think it needs some updates. So here is your chance to add to the list of 115 Wedding Crasher rules! Introducing the Make Your Own Wedding Crasher Rule Contest! The rules are simple:

1. Make a new rule
2. Take a picture of you executing the new rule
3. Upload the picture to social media using the hashtag #WeddingCrasherRule
4. Best new rule wins tickets to the Brew and View
5. Have fun! Just like Wedding Crasher Rule #8: Be the life of the party!

So! Asheville Pizza is trying to show all eight Harry Potter films on the 30+31st of July in honor of Harry’s birthday! It’s not set in stone, but we’re trying our hardest to make it happen. Tell every Harry Potter fan you know! I’m going to be there wearing my Gryffindor getup and I’ll have Neville’s wand. I believe it will be free admittance if you’re wearing a Harry Potter related costume. Tickets will be sold faster than you can say Quidditch, so I’ll keep you all posted on when they go one sale. TIckets will be the standard rate of $3. I really hope to see you there!

6 Things To Do In Cincinnati This Weekend: 8/1-8/3
1. Lumenocity 

Last year, Lumenocity made its debut in Cincinnati and it was one of the most talked about spectacles of the year. The one of the kind show takes place in Washington Park and features a full orchestra playing under a huge screen that produces amazing imagery via a light show. Honestly, words don’t do it justice. See…

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Pitchfork and Facebook

Through hazy dancing, life saving glasses of water, and finding a bathroom Friday/Saturday partying can be the best thing going after months of lethargy, sleeping till eleven in the morning then watching reruns of Las Vegas.  This weekend was Pitchfork, although i missed the majority of the festival I did have my own adventures of sloshing through rain and falling down from exhaustion, and possible life changing revelations.  

Friday at 3 o'clock Jimmy phoned and I couldn’t come up with a text-lie strong enough to get out of this prior arrangement to hang.  There are a handful of my friends who are having the recession mid- late twenties crisis and Jimmy is one; there is no need to explain what I am doing with my life, how many networking events I went to this week, or why I am really wearing my hair natural instead of straight- because I’m broke and can’t afford the luxury of scalp messages and gossip.  But I could afford 3 dollar beers and 3 movies at the Vic’s brew and view.  I was shockingly pleased with Hunger Games and laughed the entire was through, apparently it was not rom-com according to rotten tomatoes. Second up, was Bernie, which certainly is not funny but incredibly sad and extremely realistic- apparently it was based on a true story.  2 movies and four miller high life(s) and a jack and coke later Jimmy and I were primed to walk through boys town and reminisce about Pride parades gone by, making out with ladies, and all the bars that have closed.  Although many places have closed in the neighborhood or expanded and new yogurt shops are everywhere, the area is still relatively the same. It was just like the season finale of Queer as Folk, we might get older but the boys continue to come out earlier get fake id’s and rip the club a new one.  Mostly we talked about how all our great friends who we strolled the gay streets of Halsted with, friend who we made years ago now ignore us on Facebook.  This is a growing trend in both our lives and its not making us think “wow what have we done,” but rather “Wow whats your problem arsehole." 

Saturday at 6 o'clock I finally decided to get ready for my day o adventure. Wait this experience started earlier at 8am when I decided to get up at 7am and walk to the farmers market for some fresh fruit, a post Pilates healthy breakfast was the plan.  Pilates and a kale banana smoothie was the idea, the reality, farmers market is apparently on Sunday, my mother hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet, i refused to have toast with grape jelly-think of the carbs- so instead I inhaled a $5  Taco Bell box and watched the entire 5th season of 30 Rock on netflix.  Yes there are a lot of facts in the previous sentence that are sadder than the movie Bernie. As I stated earlier I’m having a life crisis but I can see the light- I’ve started taking improv classes and I’m almost finished with my novel.  That should explain all.  

Now its six in the evening. I got spotify blaring out the Gotye cause that’s how i get pumped and I’ve decided to not wear heavy make-up because I think it makes me look younger.  

Me without Make-up 


Me with Make-up

I know.  Finally, I’m late and ready to go.  Recently and I’ll blame my crisis dammit  I can’t control the anger that arises when anal people (me) are running late.  If you are or know a person who gets so frustrated at even the thought of being late that they break the key trying to get inside the car, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m late and I’m on public trans which fuels the fire, because you got an entire organization that you can blame for your inability to put on eyeliner.  Eventually I arrive on the other side of town at my favorite-cheap- sushi spot. I’m meeting a friend who is also late but this friend is always late- I’m annoyed hungry and ready to eat so I make the rude decision of sitting and ordering.  "I’m sorry I couldn’t wait, I thought I was going to die,” is the line that I’ve already decided to go with when she arrives slightly annoyed, its better than “You are always f-ing late so sit down, have some tempura, and shut it.”   Eventually she arrives and orders and eats and we head out for the Chromatic show at 11:30pm. Friend who I am meeting at the show arrived an hour earlier, its becoming even harder to not break keys in doors.  On the way to the show in passive aggressive chatter(me) my friend confides that she and her boy are going through serious stuff and may break  up. Now I feel somewhat sad, not as much as Bernie but my problems of the night are being appropriately dwarfed, but I still have my crisis to fall back on.  We arrive at the venue and the tickets are sold out. DAmmit, its your fault we are late- I thought.  I bought my ticket early. What to do?  My friend looked at me with woeful eyes and then leaned charlie brown-esque on the brick wall.  

11:55pm I’m inside the venue, I meet up with my friends and give them the disappointing news.  They’ve been drinking pretty heavily and find it intensely funny.  One friend suggests that I pay the doorman 40 bucks, another one just laughs.  I don’t know what to do, if only I could squeeze my wrist band off.  I go back out towards the doors, I got no faith but I imagine that I’m 22, blonde, and wearing a leotard from American Apparel as I stroll over to the bouncer.  I turned to face him and somehow woeful eyes on my part got my friend in, free of charge.  We are in, at the front, The Chromatics start playing the show is groovy and I feel like I can wear a sequence dresses now. (See picture below for that ref) 

The show was great my late friend wasn’t that uncomfortable and my drunk friends don’t remember a thing.  So we head over to Danny’s. What a great place, where a hipster can be a hipster, a finance guy can be a hipster, a black kid from Inglewood can be a hipster, and then me.  We order drinks. We laugh take pictures and then somehow it got heavy again. My drunk friend confides that his girlfriend cheated and he’s leaving her, and his best friend committed suicide a week ago.  my crisis won’t work here.  We decided to dance to get the vibe back again.  My drunk friend although experiencing a great deal of emotional pain is dancing and having a great time.  My late friend although on the verge of losing someone she’s had the last four years of her life is dancing.  Me I’m being a wallflower and hopping none of the young people notice me.   There was need for reflection and perspective.  

During 4 am pancakes and coffee and much needed water and finding the bathroom it became clear that this life crisis shit is just that, a temporal passage of experience to get on and reach another day.  Although I’m sure those Facebook jerks are indeed jerks, they too may be standing in front of familiar crossroads.  So I’ve decided to calm down. No more breaking keys in doors. I’m never late but always on time.  Friends have annoying character traits and so do I.  People will change and so will neighborhoods but I must remember that the boys will keep getting younger.  

Double Features

What I miss about Chicago: Brew ‘n View

For the price of certain Subway footlongs (FIVE DOLLARS), you can watch 2, sometimes 3, films at the Vic's Brew 'n View.  As the name suggests, you can lubricate yourself with cheap beer or well drinks whilst enjoying the movie with fellow inebriates. The crowd has been known to roar with disgust when The Bride pulls out Elle’s remaining eye in Kill Bill, or with embarrassment when Jim Levenstein is found alone with a pie in American Pie.

They serve popcorn and pizza there, so they search you at the door for food and for alcohol; the cunning can get away with sneaking in cheese and bread.

Get there early.  The seating space is not optimal: booth-like seating and small round tables.  Last remaining seats can be found on the floor up front, or on an elevated booth in the back, where the view of the top portion of the screen is blocked by the balcony.  Which is not open for the movies, but is open for the concerts.  

What I love about LA+: Mission Tiki Drive-in

Alan packed the car with blankets and pillows, and I grabbed Synder’s pretzels (Jalapeño-flavored and Hot Buffalo Wing-flavored) for Lawless and End of Watch.  Unlike Brew 'n View, Mission Tiki Drive-in plays new releases.  For $7 (cash only!), you can watch 2 movies once, or stay for a second showing of the first movie; no thanks, End of Watch sucked the first time.

Even though they serve food, no one searches your car, so the pretzels sat happily on my lap as we drove in. The parking spaces are all sloped towards the screen so that the cars behind you aren’t blocked by your Honda Insight hatchback.  

Tune into 101.9, and enjoy the shows.  But don’t forget to turn everything but the radio off, or you’ll suffer the fate of waiting around for a worker to come by and jump your car.  

Dark movies aren’t suited for this locale, as the screen blends in with the dark sky.  Neither are soft-spoken films because voices are drowned out by the trains.  

The venue doesn’t host concerts when it’s not showing films; it hosts SWAP meets on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays (Oh that’s today! Better go get ready.) & Sundays. 

Cindy and I went to New Glarus for the start of the holiday weekend and did some bicycling on the Sugar River and Wisconsin State trails near there. The old railroad tunnel on the trail is really dark!

We also visited the New Glarus brewery and became personally aquainted with some of the beer brewed there. What a view from the outside tasting area!

I got up early yesterday to do a little fishing in a local stream before the sun came up. The little streams down there don’t look like much, but they are pretty fertile and have some decent trout in them.

I fished for about an hour, until I got stuck in the muck and tripped. In that time, I caught four brown trout and got to know a new river a little bit.

Then, we were off to spend the rest of the weekend in Madison. There were more breweries and beers there!

Revival of Akatsuki! Uchiha Attack - Naruto Gaiden 5

Revival of Akatsuki! Uchiha Attack - #Naruto Gaiden 5

Naruto Gaiden 5 focuses on the enemy as they want to revive the Akatsuki, they attack Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada and Chocho while Sakura makes her way there. Sarada is unhappy at the response Sasuke gave her about him leaving her for so long, we learn that it was for an operation based on something evil brewing. (more…)

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