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So! Asheville Pizza is trying to show all eight Harry Potter films on the 30+31st of July in honor of Harry’s birthday! It’s not set in stone, but we’re trying our hardest to make it happen. Tell every Harry Potter fan you know! I’m going to be there wearing my Gryffindor getup and I’ll have Neville’s wand. I believe it will be free admittance if you’re wearing a Harry Potter related costume. Tickets will be sold faster than you can say Quidditch, so I’ll keep you all posted on when they go one sale. TIckets will be the standard rate of $3. I really hope to see you there!
Local royalty kills grandpa. More at 12.
INT. KING’S PRIVATE LIBRARY, CASTLE CAIRN – CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT CASTLE CAIRN is situated atop a hill, with the village of Cairn Court creeping down the hillside – visible from the grand windows of the library. Moonlight filters through the windows and mixes with the soft lamplight inside. KING ZE...

I finally got this finished up to a level I’m pleased with!

@galaxy-sunglasses here is the finished scene of ‘Zephyr Kills a Man’ (except now with new meme title)!! @glitterbark so this is now part of Zeph’s story i guess (and Bastion/Éamonn/the man they killed was their previous Inquisitor who may now have an even bigger role to play in all my magi’s stories…what have I done)

also…it’s a screenplay?? not entirely sure why, other than I was feeling too lazy to write a full narrative and then I happened across a screenplay guide tucked away so… yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(also warnings for pretty detailed? gore/death description. yeah. beware.)