Neftali Feliz is Ready to Close

With the recent struggles of the Rangers bullpen (and the rest of the team for that matter), I think we all need a little bit of good news. Neftali Feliz will be activated from the DL and resume his closing duties pushing Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes back to the 8th inning setup role.

Feliz pitched at AA Frisco on Wednesday and reached 100 MPH on the radar gun…a level he hasn’t reached since the end of last season. To me this shows that the rest has done him well and hopefully will allow him to maintain his dominance in closing situations the rest of the season.

The Rangers posted a 4.50 ERA and were 3-for-6 in save opportunities while Feliz was sidelined…so having him back is a HUGE plus. The Rangers will have to make a roster move before activating Feliz from the DL…most likely it will either be right-hander Brett Tomko or Ryan Tucker.

Rangers Trade Matt Treanor

The Rangers have decided to trade Matt Treanor to the Royals for cash. This was a slightly suprising move, but I think it was needed. The Rangers have too much talent to have 3 catchers on the 25 man roster. Trading away one of them, has opend the door for Chris Davis, Mason Tobin, Pedro Strop or Brett Tomko.

I was not a big Matt Treanor fan, but he was a solid catcher. I think he really helped C.J. Wilson make the conversion from reliever to starter…I’m a little worried how this may affect C.J. going into 2011.

Looks like the Rangers are planning on moving Alexi Ogando into the rotation. This opened up an obvious whole in the bullpen, so they made the move to trade Treanor so that they could add an addtional arm in the pen. Davis will not make the team out of Spring Training…AAA here he comes.

I think this move means that Mason Tobin has made the team. He is a rule 5 draft pick, which means that if he is not on the MLB roster, he would have to clear waivers, then be offered back to his original team (Angles) for $25,000 BEFORE he could be sent down to the minors. The Rangers like his upside, but he has never pitched above A ball and has been injured for the last 2 seasons. If he is healthy, he does have a chance to be a solid setup type guy.