Portraits of G20 prisoners by Brett Gundlock
While covering the G20 protests this past summer in Toronto, National Post photojournalist Brett Gundlock inadvertently became part of the story as well.

While photographing protesters at Queen’s Park on June 26, Gundlock was arrested and spent 24 hours in custody after being charged with unlawful assembly and obstructing a peace officer. Now, Gundlock has turned his work covering Canada’s largest mass arrest into an art exhibit. Entitled Prisoners, Gundlock’s exhibit mixes photos taken outside the first court appearances for the charged individuals with written accounts of the subjects’ experiences in custody. “The handwriting becomes portraits on their own,” Gundlock says. “The statements tell a story different from the official police record.”

The exhibit will be at the Communication Art Gallery on Harbord St. from March 11-31.