Blame Brent Musberger for the ongoing war of words between Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett and Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron.

The two athletes first started fueding when Dockett tweeted his phone number to McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, on the night of the BCS National Championship game after Musberger had already made her an internet sensation. Now Dockett won’t stop harassing McCarron.

Dockett’s latest tweet has him resorting to name calling. The 31-year-old 290-pound NFL player also challenged the 210-pound McCarron to a fight.

DOCKETT: Aye sissy boy @10AJMcCarron lets go boxing. Great way to stay in shape , you down?

MCCARRON: @ddockett yeah after u box @ochocinco oh & after u have as many rings as me. #3xchamp Ur a couple of years ahead of me & I’m still winning

DOCKETT: @10AJMcCarron I have a national championship ring. And lets not get into who got what cuz that’s a no win for you. Lets box sissy

MCCARRON: @ddockett haa yeah u got one and like I said I got 3! Big difference I like playing around with u bro. If u spent as much time on Ur game as much as u do on twitter u might actually make sum more pro bowls! U never arrived & so u might want to keep working. Stats were down this last season. Let’s pick it back up.

Dockett never responded to the last tweet, so McCarron got in one last jab.

MCCARRON: I guess Ur game is weak as hell if u gotta holla at a girl over twitter. I guess that’s y u stay in the strip clubs. #poordockett sum1luvhim

I’m sure this isn’t the last of the Dockett / McCarron episodes. At least I hope not, because it’s one of my favorite sit-coms.

If I Were John Carlos or Tommie Smith I wouldn’t Accept an Apology from Brent Musberger

There is an article written by David Zirn for The Nation that calls for Brent Musberger who wrote one of the ugliest critiques of their actions I’ve read to apologize to them for his article. I have heard about this article for years but never read it in full until today. It is disgusting. The author takes aim at his calling Carlos and Smith “Black Skinned Stormtroopers” but for me reading that Musberger has been in the same spaces a number of times with both and has basically run from them was enough for me. For those of you that enjoy Musberger’s voice during College Football and Basketball season on ESPN and ABC you should know that even with the benefit of enlightenment that Musberger has not publicly shown one iota of remorse for his article and the racist sentiments expressed therein. Take your apology and shove it…its too late

Here’s The Full Article….

Bizarre Protest by Smith, Carlos Tarnishes Medals
by Brent Musburger

mexico city—Tommie Smith and John Carlos must be labeled unimaginative blokes if they can’t come up with a stronger and more effective protest than the one they staged her last night during the Olympic medal ceremony honoring their accomplishments in the 200 meter run.

Smith and Carlos looked like a couple of black-skinned storm troopers, holding aloft their black-gloved hands during the playing of the National Anthem. They sprinkled their symbolism with black track shoes and black scarfs and black power medals. It’s destined to go down as the most unsubtle demonstration in the history of protest.

But you’ve got to give Smith and Carlos credit for one thing. They knew how to deliver whatever it was they were trying to deliver on international television, thus insuring maximum embarrassment for the country that is picking up the tab for their room and board here in Mexico City. One gets a little tired of having the United States run down by athletes who are enjoying themselves at the expense of their country.

Protesting and working constructively against racism in the United States is one thing, but airing one’s dirty clothing before the entire world during a fun and games tournament was no more than a juvenile gesture by a couple of athletes who should have known better.

If Smith and Carlos were convinced that the ends justified their black power demonstration during the National Anthem, they should have avoided the award ceremony altogether. If it’s true, as hayes Jones says, that an athlete competes for himself but walks to the stand for his country, then a more courageous protest would have been for Smith and Carlos simply to stay away and not pick up their medals.

An Ignoble Performance

Their ignoble performance on the victory stand completely overshadowed a magnificent performance by two black athletes. It’s a shame. Smith will not now be remembered as that splendid runner who so thoroughly demolished the world’s record that he ran the last 10 yards with both arms held high in triumph over his head as he crashed through the finish line in the fantastic time of 19.8.

He will instead be remembered as the militant black who shook a black glove and black track shoe during the playing of the National Anthem. It hardly seems on the level with his first accomplishment, and it did absolutely nothing to relax racial tensions any place.

Another sorry performance developed on the bus ride back to the Olympic village after the ceremony. Smith and Carlos, along with their wives, boarded a bus with a group of tourists who were headed in the same direction.

Upon spotting the two winners, an indignant California tourist declared: “I was ashamed of both of you. That was a disgraceful performance.” This ignited a loud public debate between the two Olympic medal winners and the irate tourist, as ears around the world sucked up the ugly words.

A Canadian journalist, Dick Beddoes of Toronto, finally broke up the argument. Then he, too, wound up debating Carlos, who wasted all of the post-race interview time last night lecturing the assembled journalists on what they should think and write. Perhaps it’s time that 20-year-old athletes quit passing themselves off as social philosophers.

Brundage Skips the Show

One could feel the tension building here all day yesterday. It was a foregone conclusion that Smith and Carlos would win medals in the 200 meters. A bigger question was what action the two militants would take to dramatize their protest against white America.

The front of the United States dormitory resembeld [sic] a United Nations debate. Jesse Owens lectured several newspaper men, insisting there were better stories to write than those about the black athletes and their dislike of Avery Brundage. The blacks on the United States team have said they will not accept medals from Brundage.

Yesterday Brundage was conveniently away in Acapulco, reportedly checking up on Olympic yachting. It’s somewhat ironic that Brundage wound up boycotting Smith and Carlos, two who advocated the Harry Edwards movement a long time ago.

This, too, appeared to be a big mistake on Brundage’s part. He should have stayed in Mexico City, marched to the stand with the medals, and demonstrated that he was not afraid of any threat. If Smith and Carlos had refused the medals from Brundage, Avery always could have stuck them in his pocket and taken them home to the grandchildren.

When Smith and Carlos ran, both were wearing long black sox. Carlos ran looking like a trinket shop, beads and badges and the medallions bouncing as he dashed toward the finish line.

Peter Norman, the talented Australian who nipped Carlos for second place, admitted afterward that he’s a protestor of sorts himself. He practices on week-ends in Australia, wearing a sweatshirt that proclaims: “Jesus Saves.”

The way things are going, someone better save all of us before it’s too late.


Brent Musberger getting extra creepy! haha

Brent Musberger Is A Terrible Actor And A Comedic Genius

When I was five years old I attended a sporting event for the first time. It was a college basketball game between Georgetown and St. John’s at Madison Square Garden. Georgetown probably won. After the game I found myself in front of an elevator that had that game’s play-by-play announcer Brent Musberger in it. Musberger said to me, “Hello young man.” I cried* and hid behind my father. Everyone laughed**. So ever since I think I’ve been weirdly fascinated by the man.

* Me crying was a normal occurrence until I turned ten and discovered sarcasm, and stopped entirely when I discovered alcohol.

** My father might have been embarrassed that his son was such a pussy. Or annoyed that I didn’t score a potentially profitable autograph.

While Musberger was kind of funny in The Waterboy, the humor came mostly from the absurdity of the sort of distinguished broadcasting veteran covering a game featuring a mentally challenged Adam Sandler. In this past week’s episode of Happy Endings Musberger finally got to show off his natural comedic talent to the world. The main story was about Damon Wayans Jr. hiding out in a hotel lobby from his wife because her annoying old sorority sister was in town. In the first scene Wayans Jr.’s character shows off his new staycation buddy to his friend (and the funniest character on the show) Max.

It’s settled: when I get a time machine I’m traveling back to 1988 and telling Musberger that I’m looking LIVE at him. I will then travel back to the present and sue Happy Endings (I assume that for some reason these actions would also kill Hitler).

This scene features the best line reading of the year.

There is no way the script said for Musberger to say “What?” like he was just kicked in the balls, but that’s what he did. Amazing. The only negative aspect of that line reading is it overshadows the brilliant “I’m scared of the sea” line.

“Those are great…surprise eyes.” Doubt the script had an ellipses there, but that’s exactly how Musberger said it. The reenactment of his own call of the Doug Flutie hail mary play was scarily spot on. If he mentioned Gerard Phelan’s name (the dude who caught the pass) and threw in a “Stay tuned for a new episode of Falcon Crest” (he said that about five times during the fourth quarter and twice in the postgame show)  Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman would co-write a 40,000 word piece in Grantland declaring Musberger’s appearance to be the greatest television cameo of all-time.

Don’t ever change Brent Musberger.