Trans super-per-day #188: Starbright!  In issue 16 of the Vertigo run of Astro City (written by Kurt Busiek with art by Brent Eric Anderson), readers were introduced to a hero who used to be the villain Simon Says, who was opposed by the hero Starbright.  The hero was constantly trying to talk Simon into going straight, and was incredibly patient.  They team up for a day and Starbright helps Simon throw his 16th birthday party.  Shortly after the party, Starbright died.  Simon, emboldened by the words of the hero, not only gave up a life of crime but also came out as her true self.  In the present day, she has somehow been able to replicate Starbright’s powers and, while she hasn’t figured out a name for her civilian identity, she has taken up the old hero’s mantle to honor him.

Starbright was, as Simon Says, a Lex Luthor-type villain and Starbright, while having some status in common with Superman, is more like Firestorm when it comes to powers, it seems.  I haven’t found anything that actually pins down exactly what powers they have, but flight is one, and there’s clearly some sort of energy powers.

The issue was a one-off story, but with lots of potential for the character to return.  You never know where she might pop up again.

Review - ASTRO CITY #14

Review – ASTRO CITY #14

ASTRO CITY #14 (Kurt Busiek, Brent Eric Anderson) is a heartfelt story of a woman and her (not so) killer robot friends.

This issue focusing on the gentle-hearted Ellie, her reformed robot museum, and her business-dumb nephew who throws a spanner in the works, ASTRO CITY #14 kicks off its newest arc with a satisfying issue that will leave you eager for the conclusion.


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