here’s the vid of that interview of Brett and Chloe eating chocolate :)

and at 1:35, i do believe that Brett told Chloe “love yah” and she answered “love yah” too.. :D

 i also love how Chloe reacted that the interviewer was questioning her geekness.. haha!

I feel like the marvel tv show fandom has been sitting quietly, rotting in a corner, picking at old scabs

And then within a couple hour period we got slapped with an adorable skyeward ship pic, proof that ward reunites with the team in an hilariously epic fitzward video thanking the fans, plus a wonderful agent carter promo that is suppost to make us feel bad but somehow gives us hope.

And now we just aren’t sure what to do with ourselves


chloe & brett | you’re my sweetheart

Some trans/genderqueer musicians

Against Me!
Le Tigre
Antony and the Johnsons
Aye Nako
Mal Blum
Rae Spoon
Tunfe Olaniran
Told Slant
Ryan Cassata
Ezra Furman
Gerard Way
Genesis P-Orridge
Kieran Strange
Little Waist
Angel Haze
Justin Vivian Bond
Jayne County
Vaginal Creme Davis
Wendy Carlos
Joe Stevens
Namoli Brennet
Skylar Kergil
The Cliks
Mya Byrne
Joshua Klipp
Black Cracker