Interviewer 1: When Skye’s dad ends up getting cast? Are you gonna make sure you have a say in who it is?

Chloe: Someone like Chris Evans but that might be weird if he plays my dad 

Brett: Okay you know I’m standing right here

Interviewer 2: Do you think you two (Skye & Ward) will be getting back together again? Or is there a new love interest coming in?

Chloe: you know what-

Brett: there better not be another guy in the mix

Brett being a jealous Ward 2k14

I feel like the marvel tv show fandom has been sitting quietly, rotting in a corner, picking at old scabs

And then within a couple hour period we got slapped with an adorable skyeward ship pic, proof that ward reunites with the team in an hilariously epic fitzward video thanking the fans, plus a wonderful agent carter promo that is suppost to make us feel bad but somehow gives us hope.

And now we just aren’t sure what to do with ourselves