Brenden Fletcher


MOTOR CRUSH is motor crush-ing it! Don’t miss the third installment of this neon pink, high octane, babes-on-bikes sci-fi thrill ride from Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr!

All hope of winning the World Grand Prix is lost unless Domino can convince ace mechanic Lola to rejoin Team Swift, but another Cannonball street battle puts everything in jeopardy. Featuring part three of “ISOLA: PROLOGUE” by BRENDEN FLETCHER & KARL KERSCHL!


Hey, guys!

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I’ve been trucking away on THE LIMINAL and simultaneously trying to get out of a bad art slump, and that’s made it hard to post much. But here are a couple of warmups from the last two days–Dom and Lola from Motor Crush! I’m really loving this comic so far; check it out if you haven’t already. ☺

Hopefully all this magenta goodness helps get my gears turning again, haha!



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So elusive-j put Batgirl #35 (written by brendenfletcher) into my hands the other day and god am I glad she did. I used to scoff at DC, swearing my undying allegiance to Marvel and Marvel alone, unwilling to plunge myself into what I thought to bed dark, gloomy and self-involved plotlines of the forever depressive Batman and his unbearably naive counterpart Superman.

I was so wrong…!

Batgirl is fresh, new, colorful; with real life and real characters and amazing art. I was immediately taken by the complexity of her personality - she is a human and acts the way humans do - sometimes awesomely, but also sometimes wrongly or selfishly. She doesn’t have this “nobility-sooper-righteousness-I-am-god-of-good” complex and in three words - I loved it. 

And then! babsdraws came to fantasticcomics and I got to meet her and show off the piece to her and get my issue autographed, which was amazing even though I just babbled incoherently the whole time. 

So I hope you all enjoy this last piece, probably the last one for a bit of a while - Midterm #2 just happened in the class I teach and now I have 220 copies to grade. Yeah. 

It is made of about 176 pieces of glass (although I’m sure I counted it wrong), some of which are… really small. I think the smallest one is the tiny bit of hair strand on top of her jacket, a couple of millimeters long. My large SAGA Alana piece had about the same number of individual glass pieces! 

The hair is a whispy orange, the painted-on details are the face, ear, gloves, satchel and boot laces - everything else is solder lines. I wanted to maintain the illusion that she is swinging from the rope she is holding by attaching the anchor ring atop her hand, where the rope end would be. The yellow glass for the cloak is actually wavy and textured waterglass to give it the impression that it is a wavy piece of fabric (you can kind of see it in the third picture).