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my pen goes to paper this morning as i have the pleasure of listening to the finished album of a dear friend of mine. this was an incredible project that spanned three days and was captured not only as a recording, but is also being put into the form of a documentary.  so many spectacular people are a part of this coming together. i am honored to be a part of it and hope you will listen and get something beautiful out of it as well.

TimeStamp’ is now streamable on Soundcloud and Spotify, downloadable on iTunes, and downloadable for any price you name on bandcamp.

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Mick Foleys autograph which I got last night from his standup comedy.
Not sure if he signed it as “Mick Foley” or “Cactus Jack” or “Dude Love” or “Mankind” seeming he in fact has three different persona’s xD

The show was GREAT! Both Mick Foley and Australian comic, Brendan Burns were doing the show.
The whole act was based around wrestling and even they acknowledged that for the 5-10 or so people who are non-wrestling fans in the crowd would be baffled by the jokes lol
Foley also personally spoke to a guy sitting in a row directly infront of me who actually congratulated on the guy for naming his new born son “Foley” lol
The end of the show was f'n hillarious also. Both Foley and Burns (mainly just Foley) hummed a song to end the show. He even came back out numerous times as half the crowd left to continue humming, not wanting to give up xD

Well with the show being good and all, the people who got VIP tix for the meet and greet with him had to wait like 2 hours from how long the line was to meet him.
But it was alright waiting as they played WWE dvds on the big screen, so we all just watched that. So now I know what it’ll be like to watch a WWE event in a theater. (You can actually watch some live PPVs in select cinemas here. Nothing in my area though)

So yeah, hour and a half wait after the show and I finally got to meet him! :D
I didn’t know we had to bring something for him to get signed. I only thought he’d sign tons of his pre-printed photos.
3rd in line and I was like “W-what the hell do I have for him to get signed?!” D:
But I remembered I kept my ticket so I just got him to sign it.
Also got my photo taken with him~ :D But I’m not sure if I’ll post it or not. I just feel uncomfortable posting photos of my self. That and plus I look so small… But I looked even smaller ‘cause Foley is a big round (giant teddy bear) wrestler.

So yeah… great show and got to meet Foley face to face. But when it was my turn to meet him I was lost for words. I had no idea what to say! D:

“Hey mate!”
“Thanks mate!”

What the hell?! D: Why didn’t I say something better than that?! D:
I’m a fool!!

But alas… I enjoyed it all.
Only downside of the night… the extremely terrifying train trip home at midnight… So many drunks around…


“Old Shanghai” by Brendan Burns & Mary Bichner

I’ve plugged a few of these, but one thing that is happening with Song Reader is some local musicians are putting on Song Reader concerts in their cities.  Last night, there was one in London – and I’ll have some of their video clips up shortly.  There was one going on in Australia, and I’ve been in touch with a group doing one in Austin, TX.  I of course am more than happy to plug your concert.  And does anyone want to put one together in Los Angeles so I can go?

Anyway, regardless, here is a video of “Old Shanghai” that is acting as a promo for a concert in Boston/Somerville!  I lived for a few years there, not far from where this show will be.  Very cool!  Their show is not until the end of February, and if any of the musicians want to drop me a line I’ll keep plugging whatever you do.

Here’s what they say so far:

In February 28th, 2013, Boston’s finest musicians and dancers will bring Beck’s new music to life with live music and original choreography performed at the historic Somerville Theatre. Featuring Karin Webb, Brendan Burns, Sarah Rabdau, Jen Hicks, Mary Widow, SchoolTree, Molly Zenobia, Jane Doe, Pamela Passion, Krissy Skare, Mary Bichner, Kristen Ford and many more.

Their “Old Shanghai” is beautiful, and has choreography!  :)

Artist: Brendan Burns and Mary Bichner
Burns’ YouTube
Bichner’s website


A short film I shot a little while ago about two guys playing chess in Italy. set back in the late 60′s.



Brendan Burns’ infamous racism heckler. The woman makes a bit of a spectacle of herself and Brendan doesn’t miss a beat. I would love to be at a gig where something like this happens.

Udderbelly Opening Gala Night@ Southbank Review

Udderbelly Opening Gala Night@ Southbank Review

The Southbank is renowned for the weird and the wonderful, a microcosm all of its own. Home to an array of dedicated street performers, you can’t go a second without running into the likes of Mickey Mouse or The Tin Man. If you’ve found yourself walking past the eclectic cultural hub on your daily commute, you may have noticed the sudden appearance of a certain purple decorated farmyard animal.…

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Brendan Burns taught me how to look. To document my life journeys so that I can make artworks from my experiences. He’s a wonderful teacher, a brilliant, smart & gentle man. He is an outstanding artist and I was really lucky to have him as a tutor for a year.

These paintings entitled, ’As well as being' are on display at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales. If you are in Cardiff any time soon then go and experience the beauty for yourself…

Daniel x


“Sorry” (rehearsal) by Endation

I’ve written a couple times about the upcoming Song Reader concert in Boston on February 28.  The last artist from the show to share their song was a poppy guitar version of “Heaven’s Ladder."  Well, the show seems to be lining up a hugely diverse group of artists, as Endation’s "Sorry” could not be more different–a loud roar, bombastic and dynamic.  I could barely recognize it as “Sorry”!

artist: Endation

Tix to the show on February 28 in Somerville, MA are here.  Don’t miss this one!