Life in the After Today world (139): Ste buying some new underwear. Mitzeee going on the radio to promote her book. Ste sending Brendan selfies. Brendan finding out about Ste’s life when he was away. Amy making Brendan a cup of tea when he and Ste visit after the holiday. Ste and Brendan going back to Dublin for their twentieth anniversary. Ste rubbing cream into Brendan’s sunburnt skin in Brighton.

Just got done watching the last Stendan hospital episode and I cry every time. It’s just so beautiful and heart breaking. The scene that just hurts is the one were they have to physically remove Ste from the room to transport brendan, you can tell that’s when Ste just broke and lost a piece of himself, because the love of his life was being taken away from him………….
I wonder was Kieron really crying when he did that scene.

gay otp starter pack: 

  • one’s blond and the other has dark hair.
  • daddy issues.
  • one’s a “tough guy” who becomes a love sick puppy when’s the other is around. 
  • one or both attempted/committed murder.
  • precious cinnamon rolls that needs love.