Brendan Dawes


From interaction designer Brendan Dawes comes Cinema Redux, a software-cum-art-thingy that outputs the DNA of a film:

Created in 2004 and acquired for the MoMA permanent collection in 2008, Cinema Redux creates a single visual distillation of an entire movie; each row represents one minute of film time, comprised of 60 frames, each taken at one second intervals. The result is a unique fingerprint of an entire movie, born from taking many moments spread across time and bringing all of them together in one single moment to create something new.

Some beautiful work by the ever talented Brendan Dawes - EE - Digital City Portraits.

Brendan has taken data of conversations happening in various geographical locations across the world for fixed time periods and then mapped key conversations happening at those times.

The work was a promotional piece for the launch of the mobile operator EE and picks up conversations such as Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC, Obama visiting afterwards, Skyfall and other localised conversations.

Nice work Brendan.


Looking for a different kind of inspiration?

Check out this episode of Studio Life - documentary series showing how creative agencies tick. This episode features Beep Industries and magneticNorth and one of their directors - the super mega quirky Brendan Dawes. He talks about how he got into the art industries, how he comes up with ideas, how he got it all started and keeps it all going… and shows his odd/fun gadgets. He made me laugh so much, amazing!