The Story Of Us - the truth behind the fanfic

Hey everyone,

We thought we’d share a little story with you. A story that could just as easily have been fanfic and is so heavily influenced by fanfic, it is almost unreal. This is the story of two girls who crossed paths three times, fell in love and face a 10460 mile distance between them. A story that begins with fanfic and again and again, fanfic brought two people together. Not once, not twice but three times. And you know what they say about the third time….It is definitely lucky.

October 2013. I was writing fanfic and one day some random message arrived in my inbox from some chick named Kait asking me if I was going to write a sequel for one of my stories. This was a story I was writing for the SVU fandom at the time. I had to disappoint Kait and said no.

Summer 2015. Another message in my inbox. Same chick (although neither of us realised), different fandom (Major Crimes this time). Same request. And again I said no. Kait was thoroughly annoyed with me (or so she says).

Then came January 2016.

We both hit the follow button on Twitter around January 5th. We started tweeting each other about Major Crimes and Mary McDonnell (the reason we connected). Then came the private messages and we exchanged numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. Kait had the idea for a story and I offered to write it for and with her. “Leap Of Faith” was born and it became an intense project that we both love very much. We would spend every available moment talking to each other.

But except talking about fanfic and Mary McDonnell, we found ourselves talking about ourselves and our lives and we realised just how connected we were. By that time we had also realised that Kait had contacted me twice before but the third time, we finally connected. We have talked to each other pretty much every day since January 2016. We would start texting the minute I woke up around 6am my time till Kait went to bed, which would be around 2 or 3 pm for me. We had a 9 hour time difference originally but right now it’s 11 hours. We would call each other and sometimes Skype too. As friends. We would talk fanfic and bingewatch Major Crimes and The Closer together for hours. And Kait was there for me when things got to really difficult

At some point we realised there was more going on than just friendship and after a period in which we struggled to define and understand what this was, we realised we had fallen in love. Things were complicated because Kait lives in Australia and I live in England but am originally from the Netherlands. There are 10460 miles between us.

There were other issues too but we fought to make it happen, fought for each other and our relationship. We are living the story we began to write almost a year ago. “Leap Of Faith” has become the story of us. We both relate to Brenda and Sharon so much, for so many different reasons. The fact that despite so many odds we found each other and fell in love is amazing.

We are 53 days away from finally being able to be together for the first time. I will fly out to Australia on the 1st of March and Kait will be waiting for me in Melbourne. We can’t wait to finally hold each other and spend two weeks together.

I will forever be grateful to Mary for bringing true love into my life


Christel (&Kait)

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Brenda returns to Los Angeles. She and Sharon begin a tentative friendship that may have consequences for both of them. Maybe all it takes to find happiness is a leap of faith.

My favorite memories of working with her are the really beautiful talks we had about family, and about our shared experience of being mother-slash-actresses. One or the other of us would have just spoken to our kids, and these conversations would rise up. She makes it easy to feel relaxed and intimate. I really treasured that. ❞
  ↳ Mary McDonnell, on working with Kyra Sedgwick