Tarzan and the Amazons 1945 - Director: Kurt Neumann

Tarzan und die Amazonen - Illustrierte Film-Bühne Nr. 522

Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Henry Stephenson, Maria Ouspenskaya, Barton MacLane

Tarzan and the Amazons 1945 […more Images]

A group of archaeologists asks Tarzan to help them find an ancient city in a hidden valley of women. He refuses, but Boy is tricked into doing the job. The queen of the women asks Tarzan to help them.

The Masquerade by Brenda Joyce


As a child, shy, bookish Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald loses her heart to the dashing young lord, Tyrell de Warenne. Although she is well aware that he is the heir to an earldom and utterly unattainable, Lizzie secretly worships him for years. And one fateful evening—the night of her first masquerade ball—she is stunned when he suggests that they rendezvous at midnight. But then fortune takes a maddening turn and Lizzie is thwarted from ever meeting Tyrell. Lizzie is certain such an opportunity will never arise again, but that night is only the beginning…

Tyrell de Warenne is shocked when, two years later, Lizzie arrives on his doorstep with a child that she claims is his. He remembers her well—and knows that it is impossible that he is the boy’s father. What is this game she is playing…and why? Is Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald a woman of vast experience, or the gentle innocent he had believed her to be? Tyrell quickly decides he will play her game and he claims the child as his own—determined to uncover Lizzie’s lies. But neither scandal, deception nor pride can thwart a love too grand and passionate to ever be denied…


I’ve always been a Brenda Joyce fan since I’ve read Violet Fire and thought it was her best novel by far. So when I saw The Masquerade, I was instantly lured by the beautiful and intriguing plot and even more ecstatic when I read the book. As far as I’m concerned, I think it even surpassed Violet Fire in terms of the story and all the other elements. This is an epitome of a great historical romance novel with adorable protagonists, exceptional story line and a not so annoying conflict. The story was so poignant and emotional that I can’t help but shed a few tears for Lizzie’s heartaches by loving a man who is way above her station and settling to be his mistress just so she can just have a shot at the man she loved since she was at a tender of age of 10. What I really love about this book is that it was not a one-sided infatuation on Lizzie’s part. You can feel the depth of affection Tyrell shared with her and how important she is in Tyrell’s life. I cried at the part when Ty almost begged Lizzie not to leave him and Lizzie torn about leaving, not that she wants to but was morally bound to do so. The only downer perhaps in this book is Lizzie’s selflessness (bordering on martyrdom), which is actually kinda annoying. Others may find it really endearing of her although I just couldn’t take how she can handle being scorned and laughed at just to spare her sister (which is a real #%#%!! by the way)  or her family getting hurt. Other than that, the time spent reading the book was all worth it. I could hardly put the book down after I started reading it. It’s definitely a must read. Looking forward to reading Brenda Joyce’s De Warenne Dynasty…  

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