Breda M30 automatic rifle

Made by Breda Meccanica Bresciana c.1930-45 for the Royal Italian Army.
6,5x52mm Carcano 20-round internal box magazine reloaded with stripper clips, recoil-delayed blowback automatic fire, bipod.

Probably the worst gun ever produced, also probably a sexy one. Italian designers thought about how a gun needed to be rugged to survive being used in the field, and decided to eliminate the problem of fragile magazine feed lips by having the Breda be reloaded with stripper clips. Also they decided against using extractors, and they oiled up the cartridges, and they gave the gunner a bigass hole in it so you can “see how many rounds are left”, and then they sent the gunner use that gun in the fucking desert.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons

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okay! so i finally thought of something for a request if you're able but if you could do riza as sailor moon and the rest of the mustang unit as sailor senshis. i'm dying just thinking about it. BUT I'LL PATIENTLY DIE OKAY? so no rush. <3

It took a really really long time Mar, but here it is. And i have died laughing at this. If you need me i’ll be in the afterlife 


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