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Breda M30 automatic rifle

Made by Breda Meccanica Bresciana c.1930-45 for the Royal Italian Army.
6,5x52mm Carcano 20-round internal box magazine reloaded with stripper clips, recoil-delayed blowback automatic fire, bipod.

Probably the worst gun ever produced, also probably a sexy one. Italian designers thought about how a gun needed to be rugged to survive being used in the field, and decided to eliminate the problem of fragile magazine feed lips by having the Breda be reloaded with stripper clips. Also they decided against using extractors, and they oiled up the cartridges, and they gave the gunner a bigass hole in it so you can “see how many rounds are left”, and then they sent the gunner use that gun in the fucking desert.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons


noun. the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect


my headcanon: Riza instructs everyone in proper firearm usage and always reminds the guys to clean their guns regularly. Roy organizes a quarterly refresher course on marksmanship and gun maintenance. The team makes it a competition every time. Whoever loses has to buy drinks for the others afterwards. With all that training, everyone is fairly competent with firearms – including Roy since Riza insists he should know how to shoot accurately despite having his Flame Alchemy (so he isn’t so useless even when wet!).

basis: Everyone (with the exception of Falman, who - according to Havoc during the “fishing” mission with Barry - barely had experience on the field) was proficient with guns. In the 3rd Laboratory, Roy was able to target specific points on Lust in his attempt to disarm her, which shows that he has decent marksmanship skills.



Mangacap Redraw: Mustang Unit

Better view of the artwork from the 5th page of my comic for @manalfedz‘s story, “World Without Roy” (go read! It’s awesome!) Also added Havoc’s cigarette, which I forgot to put on the other artwork