Dutch Resistance fighters armed with captured German weapons celebrate the liberation of Breda by the Polish 1st Armored Division (Polish:1 Dywizja Pancerna) from German occupation. By 1944, there were thousands of Dutch citizens involved with the Resistance in both passive resistance roles (such as hiding individuals who were wanted by the authorities) and those involved in the armed resistance. Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands. October 1944.


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Lydia Inspired Outfit with a Black Top by veterization featuring a vneck sweater

The Row vneck sweater / Warehouse print skater skirt, $16 / Vince peeptoe booties / The Leather Satchel Co leather satchel handbag, $92 / Breda white jewelry / Mac lipstick, $6.78

Breda M37 8mm Machine PAINTBALL Gun

Cut the time it takes to paint your house in half! Or maybe just cut your house in half…

This Breda M37 8mm Machine PAINTBALL Gun replica is over 50″ long and weighs over 30 pounds!

It features an electric trigger that fire in semi-auto, 3 round bursts and full auto mode.

The barrel is a Smart Parts All American model.

Comes with a Q-Loader paintball auto feed system.

Two Q pods and pod launcher included.

This replica is constructed around a new Airgun Designs Automag RT Pro paintgun.

Automag RT Pro includes an x-valve level 10 anti-chop bolt and ultra light trigger pull kit.