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same on the merch, especially within the last year or so. wtf is up with throwing every symbol on a t-shirt. give me room to breathe.

“lets extend these shirts so that we can include even more designs!11!!1 (-:″

I finally figured out that not every crisis can be managed. As much as we want to keep ourselves safe, we can’t protect ourselves from everything. If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos.
—  Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Breathing Room

              What dark seas must I canvass to

undrown you? How far have you drifted,
      castaway? I yearn
             across pathless waterlines for

a whiff of your remembered fragrance, a waft
      of warm arms, the flick and murmur of
             your speaking, the fall of your soft song,

the hushed kisses of your mouth.
      Who could have thought you would ever so
             immoderately disappear? Or imagine

that, no matter how hard I haul
      on the ligaments of our fateful
             connection, you

could never possibly return,
       never respond, never
             speak, never
             know me?

Peter Davison, from “You,” Breathing Room: Poems (Alfred A. Knopf, 2000)

Breathing Room

Colton followed Zoe into the building still not understanding why they were there. The moment she had first brought up getting work done on her face he had wholeheartedly been against it. She was perfect to him, always had been and changing something about her face would almost ruin that. She’d still be the woman he loved, but it wouldn’t be the face he fell in love with anymore. But still he had come with her. He didn’t want to be there alone and he’d need to pick her up anyway. As they waited for the elevator he decided to speak up again. “Zoe, c’mon, what are we doing here?”

“The past is where we are from. It is what we are most of. To remember is to keep things that have already happened from sliding into oblivion. Poets have more to learn from the past than they will ever understand, but the best way to learn poetry is to learn it by heart. To learn poetry we need to take poems into our breath and blood, and that requires us to hear them as we read them, to learn to read with all the sense, especially with the ear. If we learn techniques for understanding poetry, no harm is done; the more of poetry I may comprehend, for I will find myself breathing in the very impulse. When I’ve learned a poem by heart (lovely phrase), I shall have read it completely, with all I can bring to it, and I shall own something that will still be mine in bankruptcy, in prison, or on my deathbed. My challenge as a poet is to write poesm well enough so that other people will desire to learn them–so as to entertain themselves under every circumstance.”

Peter Davison, from “Catches of Breath: A Forward,” Breathing Room: Poems (Alfred A. Knopf, 2000)

Yes, I am still up, and for me, it’s a good thing:

I just got confirmation that I’ve been approved for the Keep Your Home California program (both the agency and my bank have approved me) so I just need to sit back and wait for paperwork to arrive, get some forms notarized, and my mortgage will be paid for up to the next 18 months, while I continue to look for work.

I am so relieved. This means that I don’t have to go into my retirement savings in order to keep my house. This gives me some flexibility to ensure I am fully employed (and not underemployed) when I work again. 

This gives me breathing room.

And, hopefully, this means that I’ll get a job very soon because, as we all know, the moment that you have your contingency plan in place is the moment that you won’t need it.

Last week, I was sent a mysterious mashup track by a Texas based newcomer named Breathing Room. I was immediately bowled over by his skill on Ethereal, which mashed together a huge, long list of hip hop and electronic artists, including the likes of Electric Mantis, SoySauce, Durrough, Travi$ Scott, Kanye, Drake, 2 Chainz, and much more. Well, guess what? Breathing Room has returned with a new one, again, with little information about himself (or themselves?). Darkness is a thrilling, shimmering hip hop and electronic jam that blends J. Cole with Flume. It’s quite satisfying and exhilarating, indeed.