Breathing Still

modern day elphaba who wears a messy bun 24/7 and sits with her legs pulled up to her chest as she reads, balancing the book on her knees as she holds a cup of tea that’s 3/4s full and cold because she’s so lost in her novel. elphaba who is an avid user of the weather channel’s app. elphaba who chews on pens and pencils constantly until one night when she returns to her dorm room to find a chewy tube on her pillow. elphaba who is never seen without earbuds. elphaba who wraps up in scarves and a beanie to go to protests. elphaba reading articles about intersex people, aromantics, and bisexuals and feeling a small weight lift off of her shoulders. elphaba eventually letting glinda take selfies and snapchats of/with her. vegetarian elphaba. elphaba who is part of shiz’s gardening and beekeeping clubs. elphaba who wears bunched up socks with her brother’s dirty outgrown combat boots, oversized sweaters with only half of her undershirt’s collar sticking out, and glasses that are too old to be edgy but not old enough to be hipster. MODERN DAY ELPHABA.

There is a heaviness inside of me and when I break and my bones touch the earth I will finally be free but until then I will push against this darkness that is trying so desperately to settle and I will climb up on my anger and step right over my fear because bones are pretty but so is my heart and it is still pumping and I am still breathing and to be honest I think I’ve only just started living.

Breaking the Divide Ch. 3 (Preview)

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Kaitlyn pressed her nose up against the glass until it hurt.

Sweet buns, little cakes, and decorated pastries sat in neat piles inside the shop. Her mouth watered as she stared at them, wondering if they’d taste half as good as they appeared.

“Herald,” Cassandra called, voice sharp and strained, “The mothers will be waiting for us.”

“Along with a bunch of templars, apparently,” Varric added under his breath.

“I still cannot believe it. I know Lord Seeker Lucius. I can’t imagine him coming to the Chantry’s defense, not after all that’s occurred.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Kaitlyn said, fighting off her pout as she finally pulled herself away from the lure of chocolate. “I doubt he was thrilled to hear that the Inquisition had named a mage as the Herald of Andraste.”

“Even so,” Cassandra said, “to say that they are protecting people from us. We are the only ones trying to close the Breach!”

Varric put a hand on Cassandra’s arm when she her hands tightened into fists. “I think she knows that, Seeker.”

“Thank you, Varric,” Cassandra snapped. “But you can—”

Good people of Val Royeaux, hear me!

Kaitlyn walked around the pair of them and into the main square where nobles and commoners from all over the city were gathering. The woman who’d spoke was dressed in traditional Chantry robes, her head piously covered as she preached to the mixed crowd. The woman’s worn eyes flicked to Kaitlyn’s face and a ghost of a sneer pulled her lips. “Together we mourn our Divine. Her naïve and beautiful heart silenced by treachery. You wonder what will become of her murderer. Well, wonder no more. Behold—” She threw out her arm in Kaitlyn’s direction, her sneer no longer subtle. “The so-called Herald of Andraste. Claiming to rise where our beloved fell. We say this is a false prophet. The Maker would send no mage in our hour of need!”

Kaitlyn glared up at her, feeling the chill of frost begin to build between her fingers. How dare she. How dare she! Standing there above the rest as though she was better, preaching about things she didn’t understand to people she cared nothing about. Any member of the Chantry who turned their backs on those in need had no right to wear those robes.

“Easy there,” Varric muttered at Kaitlyn’s side.

“Do not give into anger,” Solas said. “Do not give them more reason to denounce you.”

“I know that,” Kaitlyn growled through clenched teeth. Tightening her fists, she clenched them until she feared her fingers might freeze. With a haggard sigh, she released her rage, shards of ice falling to the ground beside her feet. She stepped forward and addressed the crowd instead.

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wooo so i’ve been out all day at this event my school is hosting today where basically a bunch of student bands and musical groups get to perform around campus all day

it was lots of fun, but now i’m tired and i’ve been feeling kind of disoriented/out of it for the past few hours :^(

The man walked into the middle of the room but then turned away, allowing Sansa a good view of his broad back and exposed neck under a loosely tied knot of wet dark hair, water droplets still falling down his bare skin. His neck was paler than the rest of his body and it made that part of him appear oddly vulnerable – as ridiculous the thought was against the strength he otherwise emanated. Sansa tried to still her breathing so she would stay undetected for a moment longer, but he must have heard something as he stopped and cocked his head. 

Excerpt from my prompt fill to LJ sxs ‘Sansan Russian Roulette’ prompt by thedropletsparkled (KL. Sansa has run away and hidden herself from yet another beating. She has ended up in a room she doesn’t know, has eaten food and drunk wine that’s not hers and has - inebriated - fallen asleep in a bed in that room. Until the owner of the room - guess who ;-) - comes back from a training session.Bonus if the first thing he does is to take off his tunic, even before he notices he’s got a visitor.Basically a sexy Goldilock version. With a hungry Hound instead of bears.)

The rest can be found in LJ and below the cut here… As this is only about 530 words - ouch! - I couldn’t help myself and wrote also a longer version, available in AO3, from which this excerpt is.

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ok so can we talk about how amelia never got to say goodbye to her brother even though she was close by and could have made it to say her goodbyes while he was still breathing before they needed to pull the plug? i know she's been an ass lately but she deserves closure esp considering the rest of his family won't get that closure. and i feel like it was all because of how crammed the whole ep was and shonda didn't want to interfere with merders final moment. it all goes back to how rushed it was

yes, 15 minutes to kill derek shepherd… cruel

Derek had been trapped in his head for over a week, able to hear everything but move or say nothing. It was killing him…being able to hear their decisions… their wrong decisions… but being able to do nothing about it. All he could see was darkness or a slight nightmare of the truck coming towards him.. as if it was in slow motion and he could do something about it. He had been transferred to his hospital to be with his family…. blood or not. Over the past few days it hadn’t looked good. His brain activity was slowing down along with his heart-beat but he had held on as best as he could. 

It was an early Monday morning when Derek started to come too. The world was spinning which made his stomach start to churn.His hand shakily came up to his head running his fingers along the bandage wrapped tightly around his aching head feeling his blood pierce through his veins. The breathing tube was still down his throat which lead him to cough out a little, his eyes opening slightly still adjusting to the light in the room.  He heard a voice but he couldn’t quite make out who it was or what they were saying, it was most likely someone telling him to calm down so they could remove the breathing tube.

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To the brother/sister that sent the ask about the Big Bang theory and what not. I thought the same thing too and left islam. I started looking into paganism and all this other stuff and let me tell you something— I've never felt so lost in my life. After I turned away from allah and looked into all this other garbage my left turned into a living hell. The Big Bang theory has some truth to it but it doesn't prove that there isn't a god. Don't be stupid and do what I did.

I hope you brother/sister have repented and came back into the fold of Islam. The doors of forgiveness and mercy will always be open till your last breath.

Now I still don’t get how the big bang theory disproves Allah but please keep in mind. Theories change. And now before I get attacked, scientists are now currently arguing that some theories of Einstein are wrong and some are trying to say the big bang is wrong The normal well known theory is the big bang occurred and the universe has been expending ever sense. But scientist are now trying to say, the big bang did not happen and the universe has always existed in it’s present state.

So don’t get to caught up in the theories that do not at all benefit you ;).


So, I’m at my cousin’s wedding with my dad.
My aunt saw my tattoo and went off.
My dad looked at her and laughed.
“Why not? You let your’s get married.”
I still cannot breathe.

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I haven't been happy in months. Life is just shot, everything is just shit. I feel like I'm just existing cause I Don't want to live but I stay

The fact that you’re still breathing is fucking awesome!! I promise you that eveything gets better and you’ll be okay. Just keep fighting. It might take time but it’ll be worth the wait.


Hannibal Lecter meme [4/6 relationships] - Alana Bloom

The way you make me feel is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. You make me feel like I’m dying and flying and living and that my heart just stopped beating but yet is pumping 90 mph all in one moment. You make me feel invincible but vulnerable. weak, but like nothing could ever bring me down. You make me feel like I’m free and yet trapped by your every move. You leave me breathless and yet are the only thing that keeps me still breathing. You control my every thought, movement, heart beat. You’ve got me, all of me. That’s all I can give.