Breathing Still

Regardless of whether Eisuke won first place or not, I feel that the attitude some people have about his maybe winning the election is immature.

Putting aside that this is an election about fictional characters, what’s wrong about people voting for a character they like?

Obviously the election goes in favor of those who are willing to spend more money, but once again, who are you to say that they’re wrong for spending their own money on something they feel is worth spending on?

Regardless of whether or not you personally dislike Eisuke, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s Voltage’s best-selling character overseas and thus “#1″in their books. Profit has the loudest voice in business.

Who Voltage chooses to use as their “main face” of advertisement is completely up to them. Even if Eisuke doesn’t win first place, I highly doubt that we’ll see less of him, which isn’t even as much as some make it out to be. There are times when I wonder if the only way some people will be placated is Eisuke and KBTBB disappearing altogether from Voltage’s advertisements.

Do I think he’s the best character Voltage has ever released? No. My favorite characters tend to be the ones that aren’t as loved in the fandom. Does it hinder me from loving them or discourage me from doing so? Absolutely not.

Some of my favorite characters are fan favorites. Does that mean that I love them any more than the ones that aren’t as “popular”? Oh hell no.

If you personally dislike a character, I can guarantee that there’s someone out there who loves said character as much as you dislike them. If you love a character, there’s someone who’ll dislike said character just as much as you love them.

What matters more is not whether you like or dislike a character, but the respect you show to others of the opposing view.

Complaining is okay. I complain a lot. If you dislike Eisuke, complain about him all you want. Criticize him. Say what you don’t like about him. But do so respectfully while considering others who may feel differently. Think carefully about which words to use and how to state your opinion while respecting other points of views. Those who like Eisuke also need to be accepting of his flaws; he’s definitely not a perfect character.

It’s not respectful to badmouth those who like him. You can dislike Eisuke, but disliking his popularity or “blaming” his fans for it is outright rude. You’re basically accusing them of being wrong for liking him.

Before someone goes around accusing me of policing the fandom, I will state that these are my personal opinions. I have no intention of policing the fandom nor do I have the means to. Life keeps me busy enough as it is.

These are my personal thoughts as to how to ease the negativity that’s been rampant among the fandom lately. A little respect and consideration for others can go a long way.

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Have you seen the articles paralleling Rey and Kylo Ren with Revan and Bastila?

I fucking hate this analogy. 

Because my FEMALE Revan dominated the galaxy before falling to the Republic. She was NOT friends with the very stuck up, ignorant, horridly precocious Bastilia Shan. I sacrificed her immediately when I had the chance. I romanced Carth Onasi before murdering him and my former apprentice Malak before retaking my throne on the Star Forge as the Ruler of the Galaxy in the face of the Republic. 

So what the fuck Revan are we talking about? 

Not MY Revan. 

Canonverse Revan where Lucasarts erased player choices so they coould have a sterotypical white male dominate and have babies with Shan so they could excuse their MMO plot?


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After A!Kei presents the team holds their breath. Yama still hasnt presented but theyre all sure hell present as O and Kei start courting him. When he falls into his first heat at school, Kei is there by his side, growling at any alpha that gets near

Tsukki noticed the smell of Yamaguchi’s heat before anyone else. He got up just in time to push another alpha in their class away from yams, who was incredibly pale except for the blush of heat on his cheekbones. Tsukki growled at anyone who tried to get close as he took Yamaguchi to the nurse’s office, and as he waited for Yamaguchi to get picked up by his dad.

When Yamaguchi returned, he thanked Tsukki with a shy kiss on the cheek. Tsukki proposed a courtship as soon as Yams pulled away.

Are We More Than Friends-John Swift Imagine Part 4

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3 / Part 4

A/N:I Think this is the end of this imagine series, but if you have anymore requests don’t hesitate to ask!!xx Oh it gets a little smutty near the end!xx

“Guys do you want to go get some food” “sure” John said he taps my side signalling me to get up “let me go and put some clothes on then” “alright” I get changed into some ripped jeans and a white t shirt basic AF I know. I walk out and see Nate and John all ready to go seeing no one else brought their car I had to drive “what do you guys want” I ask as we all bundle into the car “um what about in and out” “okay” “I know who wants to go in and out” Nate mutters under his breath but still loud enough to hear as John reaches back trying to hit him. I don’t react and start to drive John and Nate were raping along to their own tracks I just smile as I pull to the drive threw we all order and start eating it in the car “if any of you spill any food or drink in my car I will kill you” “what we won’t” Nate says with a face full of food “it will be fine I will clean your car” John offers as Nate whistles in the back “shut up Nate” John laughs

“um y/n can you drop me at the studio got some tracks to work on” “sure, John you going too” he looks back at Nate he discreetly shakes his head “um no we can can hang out” “okay” I drive Nate to the studio and top him off “where do you want to go” “back to yours” he asks unsure “sure lets go”. We arrive at mine and go inside “can we watch a film I don’t feel like doing anything else” “sure babygirl” I walk upstairs John following behind “damn y/n your ass looks great from this view” “shut up John” “what I’m just saying the truth” “yeah whatever you set up the film I’m going to get. Changed” “alright” I changed into some sweatpants and a cropped top and walk back in the room to find John already in bed with only his boxers on “someone’s keen” I laugh along with him I climb into the bed and wrap my arms around his torso as he pulls me closer to him.

About halfway through the film he starts to get fidgety “John stop moving” “sorry” I move my weight over him and I know why he was so fidgety as I felt his boner I straddle his lap making him get flustered “do you really want to sit like that” “like what” I say playing innocent “like you know straddling me” “well do you want me too” I look straight in his eyes as he stares back there’s a moment of silence “yes” “oh you do” yes okay I want you to sit on me like this everyday of my life especially when you’ve made me get a boner because your so sexy and beautiful" he rushes out trying to catch his breath.

I lean down and press my lips on his, his hands glide up my back pulling my top off. I smile at him and he knows just what to do, he flips us over so he’s over me as he pulls down my sweats down leaving me in my light blue lingerie set he pulls back and stares me up and down “damn y/n your so beautiful” I blush “John stop it” i try to cover my face he pulls my hand away “baby your so beautiful he connects his lips to mine letting go of my hands so that he can place under my neck and the other tracing my bum and thigh. I place my hands in his hair tugging on his hair gently he pulls away and looks at me and smiles "wait I don’t want to have sex if your not my girlfriend” I looked at him really confused and a little disappointed “baby don’t worry, do you want to be my girlfriend?” I smile and nod my head as he brings his head back down and starts to kiss me again.

“I love you” he says quickly between kisses “I love you too John” he unhooks my bra and starts to pull down my panties not taking his eyes off of mine he smiles as he pulls down his boxers and his size surprises me “you like baby” “mmhmmhm” I moan as he lines himself up and thrusts inside starting slow to allow me to adjust to his size he starts to thrust harder and faster while his hand plays with my clit giving me ultimate pleasure “John baby I’m close” “me too babygirl you feel so good, give it to me baby” with that I release all on him as he twitches inside of me and a few moments later he’s load is released inside of me he slows his thrust down and pulls out “wow baby that was amazing” as he pulls me into his side “it was baby or should I say my man” “mmmm I like that, oh shit we didn’t use a condom though” he looks at me with a worried look on his face “it’s okay baby I’m on birth control” “yeah but we should be more care next time cause I don’t want little Swazz’s running around just yet” “Just Yet” I asked confused “yeah we are going to have to date first then get married and then have kids I’ve thought it through” “oh have you know” “yeah cause I know that we are meant to be together forever” he places a sweet kiss on my lips and I couldn’t be happier.

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What do you think about this constant "harry v. louis" ordeal going on all the time? I love Louis more than I love breathing but it still confuses me that people feel the need to bring Harry down to express that. Even on Harry's birthday, people were saying "it's so hard not to hate Harry when I see stuff like this" [i.e. all the extra HBD tweets he got]. Do ppl think that Louis, who loves Harry so much, would want to people to interrupt Harry's birthday and be like "BUT LOUIS DESERVES THIS TOO"

in all honestly i think it’s stupid and cruel and people are literally just immature dumbasses who don’t understand how the world, closeting, and committed relationships work. it shouldn’t even be a discussion imo. 

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do you know the song Youth by Daughter? "and if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones/cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs/setting fire to our insides for fun/collecting names of the lovers that went wrong"

yah ofc that song is like Classic 2011 Angst at this point

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lleo, star wars vii isnt as emotional if u didnt watch the original trilogy or the prequels. i made a mistake, i watched all of them. and the vii hit me more than one time where ryan fell down and brendon catched him.

r u still breathing ok bc that moment hit me sooo hard u must b not ok like i havent watched them all nd rn im kinda glad i dont need this pain

a list of my favorite sounds

  1. the low hum poets make when you say something that strikes a chord in them
  2. cats purring
  3. the soft sound of just lying still, just breathing, next to someone you love
  4. a heartbeat, muffled by a sweater
  5. someone stumbling over words they’ve never spoken before, that have only just been written down and are so new you could smudge the ink in the air
  6. a favorite album with the volume so low you can barely hear it, words you memorized a long time ago slipping into your dreams when you fall asleep

a list of things i want

  1. to be able to hear all of these sounds, every day, together or in succession or in any way at all

Hey if you wanna smoke and die early in some lung related disease, sure knock yourself the fuck out, but please please remeber that if you smoke in a public space the chances of someone else inhaling your death mist from hell is pretty fucking big, even if you’re careful, so please show some damn respect

You tell yourself you don’t care about him anymore every morning when you wake up.

You tell yourself you don’t need him anymore every time you see him.

You tell yourself he means nothing to you every night, trying to keep him from invading your dreams.

But your heart still aches when you hear his name.

Your mind still spins when you smell his cologne.

And your breath is still taken away when his eyes meet yours.

—  you still love him, admit it.