Close Encounter- To The Registry

“That is very kind of you, M’lady. It may be a coincidence, but I was on my way there to meet an associate in any case. Your offer would be a welcomed one. I am one to favor chance ‘accidents’, if you will.” He adjusted his jacket and tie, sorted himself out, ready to continue on with this chance encounter.

Pleased, Riesse breathed out the bit of breath she’d been holding as he agreed to join her for a bit of Cherry Grog. Perhaps he didn’t notice her hesitancy at the handshake after all. Perhaps it was not so uncommon to flinch at the touch of a stranger. Perhaps but, she rather doubted it. Still, he had a fine smile that reached his eyes. His words were kind, softly spoken and gave her no reason to want to run or fear that something else might loom beneath the rather pleasant exterior she saw before her. “Good. This way, it is not far, just around the corner in fact.”

And so she led on, the letter now tucked into the belt she wore, next to the odd timepiece dangling from it’s place in her belt as well. Their steps took them a short distance up the Walk of Elders and to the right, just past the Wayfarers. Her steps seemed to pick up in pace as the Registry came into view and her foot touched the bottom step. As if the building waited for her, the doors slowly swung open as she moved her palm to lay against them. The very walls themselves seemed to breathe a sigh of relief that mirrored her own as she moved over the ornate marble flooring to the large table in the center of the main room.

It was immaculate, these walls of mortar sculptured by the finest of artisans and floors of inlaid stone and wood. The room’s tables brightened with flowers and greenery, their scent mingling with the soft tell-tale hint of lemon Riesse wore. Winding, spiral stairs stood reaching upward farther than the eye could see in each corner. If was deceivingly massive and expansive. She turned, her eyes bright and smile brighter, “Please, Sir…forgive me..what is your name? Do sit, won’t you?  The fat bottom chairs pulled to the table are delightfully comfy.” 

She bustled by, placing a hand on the pitcher that was dotted in condensation. She poured out the ruby liquid into crystal goblets, pushing one in the direction of an over sized chair as she plopped her own bottom on the edge of the table, facing him as her fingers reached to pilfer a bit of apple from the nearest pie. Riesse’s lids fluttered to brush her cheeks as she savored the cinnamony sweetness. Toes wiggling, she turned once more to the man accompanying her to let eyes roam over him easily and appreciatively. Her nose wrinkled a bit, a soft slip of a giggle escaped before she could catch it, “You have a lovely tie. It matches your smile.”



The official alternate version of the “Sparks” music video by HilaryDuff