So like we all know that nothing is final until its final except we know that Rilaya will always be forever. However, Rucas, Smarkle and Joshaya is what is currently going on at the moment. We don’t know if Rucas will last or not but as a Rucas shipper I’m beyond ecstatic right now for my ship. But I also know this, I seriously doubt the gmw writers would be so low as to have Rucas break up for some reason and then have Lucas just run to Maya. I’m sorry but that would be a seriously fucked up move on their part which is why I’ll never believe lucaya will ever happen regardless if Rucas stays together or breaks up. It would seriously break the girl code which is to never date your best friends ex no matter if they are seemingly OK with it. It’s just not right. I would legit never speak to my best friend ever again if she dated an ex. It’s just wrong. And I’m not just saying this because I love Rucas together. I believe this whether or not Rucas stays together or breaks up. Regardless it would be completely a messed up thing if Lucas and Maya became a couple after Rucas broke up. Like seriously, fucked up, is what it would be. So no its never gonna happen so people need to just deal with it.

Okay but how did suzuya get his red and yellow suspenders who took him out shopping was it shinohara after becoming his partner what was it about those that he liked was it just another way to break the dress code??? Why did suzuya want suspenders also his slippers is it cause he didn’t know how to tie his shoes slippers are easier and comfortable or another stab at the dress code did he ever lose one or both fighting ghouls and shinohara had to just keep getting him the same pair also who is the friend that shows suzuya about the skin stitches was it another human being used for entertainment or someone at the academy random guy on the street what was shinoharas first reaction to it was he concerned shocked is that how he found out suzuya doesn’t feel pain?? JUST WANT A WHOLE BOOK ON SUZUYA ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN HIM BEING RESCUED AND NOW

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Are you ready for our new cellular overlord who will finally wipe porn from the face of this site and make the ads far worse while selling our reblog history?

Doubt it.

They;ll likely just break the code even worse.

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I'm going back to school shopping with some friends soon, what should I get that won't break dress code? (pants have to be longer then arms fully extended and usually no ripped clothes but ripped jeans nobody seems to care about) thank youuu Xx

So then if you can get away with it I’d go with some distressed jeans, boyfriend jeans, and band/graphic tees, flannels, oversized sweaters for when the weather starts to cool, and for shoes things like converse, vans, or combat boots!!


‘I have to earn my living and basically I cannot, nor do I want to, nor do I feel any desire whatsoever, to do anything else. I’m totally uncreative in every other way. But I’ve been given a gift for acting. Call it a vocation – a compulsion – I must use it.’

Happy 76th birthday, Sir Derek Jacobi! | 22 October 1938


Theatre posters from 1977-1989 featuring Derek Jacobi in the Theatre and Performance Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum

I had no idea until recently that the V&A had a collection specifically focused on theatre. I’ve seen the Richard II and Richard III posters before (excepting the last one) but I’ve never seen ones from the Prospect Theatre Company or the London production of Breaking the Code! It’s quite heartening to see that they’ve managed to keep and preserve them.

TURING: Well, he never told me. He never even dropped a hint.

PAT: I thought perhaps you knew.

TURING: I hadn’t the remotest idea.

PAT: I don’t think anyone paid much attention to it. Everything’s so very different when you’re at school or at Cambridge.

TURING: Good God Almighty.

PAT: It was all a thing of the past; he was devoted to his wife.

TURING: Yes, he told me. [glancing at PAT] That’s the thing to do, of course: have your f-f-fling when you’re young and conform later. [smiles] I should’ve married you. All this would never have happened. I should have p-p-played the game and stuck to the rules.

PAT: Why didn’t you?

TURING: I couldn’t.

Joanna David as Pat Green and Derek Jacobi as Alan Turing in Breaking the Code, Theatre Royal, Haymarket, 1986