I have never seen a more perfect ending.

I don’t even have the words. I sure as hell can’t sleep.

Everything, all the loose ends. Every wrong, somehow righted. Everyone’s honor restored. The beginning of everyone else’s story, and Walt’s perfect finale.

I thought everyone was going to burn, that only fire could absolve Heisenberg’s sins. I thought none of his accessories were walking away, that everyone who’d dipped into his wake would be crushed. I was so wrong.

If there’s one thing Breaking Bad has done consistently, it’s manipulated our emotions with startling precision. Who didn’t walk into this episode disgusted, feeling spent by the show, abandoned and sickened? But morality is relative, a man’s intention has gravity, and his legacy is his alone to define.

I am so happy, and I am so ripped apart. 

will i ever be okay again??

When you realize that your favorite show’s series finale/season finale is tonight and you need to get food from the grocery store

Back when people didn’t have the power to watch whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, you were forced to actually sit down and watch your favorite show when it actually aired. The old television system created a ratings bottleneck, where an entire country could share a single finale, cliffhanger, or fictional tragedy together. … For example, despite being a seemingly universal hit that permeated all levels of popular culture, the series finale of Breaking Bad was seen by a measly 10.3 million people. For comparison, that’s not even a third of the number that watched the finale of Home Improvement, which was a show about Tim Allen making gorilla sounds at his confused family.

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[I only had you in my heart. Goodbye.]

- Breaking Bad, s01e01, “Pilot” (2008)