I have never seen a more perfect ending.

I don’t even have the words. I sure as hell can’t sleep.

Everything, all the loose ends. Every wrong, somehow righted. Everyone’s honor restored. The beginning of everyone else’s story, and Walt’s perfect finale.

I thought everyone was going to burn, that only fire could absolve Heisenberg’s sins. I thought none of his accessories were walking away, that everyone who’d dipped into his wake would be crushed. I was so wrong.

If there’s one thing Breaking Bad has done consistently, it’s manipulated our emotions with startling precision. Who didn’t walk into this episode disgusted, feeling spent by the show, abandoned and sickened? But morality is relative, a man’s intention has gravity, and his legacy is his alone to define.

I am so happy, and I am so ripped apart. 

Coming to a Bad End.

Well, this is it, folks. The final write-up I will do for Breaking Bad. (sniff) It has truly been an amazing run. I can’t take credit for recognizing this show at the beginning. I heard good things, and I started it on Netflix, where I watched the first three seasons in very rapid succession. Because as almost any BB viewer will tell you, you get sucked in VERY quickly. Then it was the agony of having caught up to the real time episodes, waiting for season four to air…and then part one of season five…and then this final run.

And now it’s over. I’m having a lot of feels. So I’ll do my best to express them in the most traditionally accepted internet format: the animated gif. Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway) SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Walt drops in on the Schwartzes:

(And they really did have a beautiful home.)

When I saw Badger and Skinny Pete in the car:

Love those guys. Glad we got to see them in the finale.

When the camera pans to show Walt in the kitchen after Skyler hangs up the phone with Marie:

Beautiful reveal.

When Walt admitted to Skyler he made meth for himself because he liked it and it made him feel alive:

Just some food for thought, Walt supporters.

When Walt stroked sleeping Holly’s hair, and watched Flynn get off the bus, unable to say a proper goodbye to either of his children:

Truly the most melancholy moment of the whole show for me, and I include the ending in that.

When Walt visited Lydia and Todd at the cafe, and Lydia ordered her tea, dropped in her ricin–er, I mean Stevia, and drained it down:

Oh Lydia…you’re smart. Just not smart enough.

When I see what Jesse’s been reduced to…still chained up, dreaming about woodworking while he cooks meth for the men that murdered Andrea:

Sweet, broken down Jesse.

When the Aryan brotherhood took away Walt’s “car keys”:

But luckily, he managed to sneakily get them back, and I was like:


But then they brought Jesse in, and he and Walt confronted each other and a bunch of things happened really fast. Walt tackled Jesse (to save his life!), pressed his car key button, and his ingenious gun car mowed down all the Aryans! During this whole part I was going:


Then, the icing on the cake. Todd, that slippery sociopathic fuck, managed to survive the bullets…so Jesse got to choke him to death with his own motherfucking chains!

Yeah, bitch is right. That asshole had it coming.

Finally, Jesse is able to take off into the night. He is free. What he’ll do with his life is anybody’s guess, but I love that he survived. And I loved that he refused to shoot Walt. Not that it mattered much…Walt already caught one in the crossfire. And considering his current condition, he only had time for one more meander through the meth lab, surveying the tools of his trade, before he crumples to the ground as the police pull up. So we see Walt on the ground, dying, and we know that Breaking Bad is now, truly, over for good.

Yes, Breaking Bad, you won. You really did. Thanks for five seasons of kick-ass television.


It’s finally up!

My review for the amazing series finale of Breaking Bad!

Thank you so much for watching everyone! How will we survive without this astonishing show?!!