Breaking Bad 5x03

Breaking Bad: Vamonos Pests, Hello Meth

Walt and Jesse find the perfect front for their new meth cooking operation, while Skyler begins to unravel.

Dark Walt

This season of Breaking Bad is all about Walt (Bryan Cranston) embracing his dark side. Gone is the teacher we met in the first season just trying to save up some money for his family in light of his cancer diagnosis. Every scene of this excellent outing in the show’s last season brought home the point of just how bad Walt has broken. The most shockingly cold blooded scene was the moment Walt met Brock, the child he poisoned last season, without even a subtle hint of remorse.

Shut Up!

In fact, this entire episode seemed to be centered on reminding the viewer just how far Walt has come and how outsized his ambition has become. As he talks to a concerned Marie (Betsy Brandt), she reminds us it was just a scant year ago that Walt was diagnosed. Marie is worried after Skyler (Anna Gunn) has a “shut up” meltdown in front of her. To cover, Walt tells her about Skyler’s affair with Ted, even getting a hug from Marie. Talk about sympathy for the devil!

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

As the three amigos become the four amigos, Saul (Bob Odenkirk) shows the crew new cooking locations. All are nixed until Walt comes up with a brilliant idea: they will use the cover of a pest control operation in order to set up shop in houses and cook there. No one will be the wiser. As a smaller operation, the profits aren’t exactly what Walt hoped, especially since they have to pay Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) guys to keep quiet in jail. Suddenly Walt is wondering if Gus didn’t have the right idea in disposing of his lackeys when they flew too close to the sun.

Tell All

Walt isn’t done playing the master manipulator though. After the run in with Brock, he begins quizzing Jesse (Aaron Paul) on his relationship with Andrea (Emily Rios). After asking Jesse if he’s told Andrea what he does, he subtly suggests he should eventually tell Andrea all his dirty deeds, including Gale’s death. Jesse can’t deal with the idea of telling her all the terrible things he’s done and ends the relationship. This is, of course, exactly what Walt hoped would happen.

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